Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 16-18, 2017

Hopefully that was the last of the snow. We have been on a Blacksmith binge the last couple of weeks. Seeing Salmon Flies has us all sorts of excited. We are getting close to the hatch, stay tuned! While the fish wait for those tasty Salmon Flies to hatch, they are extremely active. Nymphs, streamers, have been getting fish the last couple of days.

The streamer bite isn’t slowing down one bit. The river is dropping significantly and getting clearer. With it dropping in water height, more and more holes are exposing themselves. Which means the fish have no where to hide. Streamers are getting those fish to come out from hiding.

The colors we have been rotating through are: Black, Olive, Yellow, White. These four colors in bait fish, Sculpin patterns have been getting fish. Patterns that we love throwing in the river are the : Sex Dungeon, Wooly Sculpin, Peanut Envy, and Zoo Cougar.

Remember to target the fish. We have noticed a lot of the streamer chasers coming straight off of the bank. Try using a streamer by undercuts as well. And The fish really enjoy hanging out under trees and brush. Wing that streamer through that brush and get that river pig!

Nymphing has been extremely consistent. Nymphing is producing numbers and is a great technique to use. The San Juan Worm and Hares Ear are working very well. Try Copper Johns, Pheasant tails. With Salmon Flies getting ready to hatch, Stone Fly nymphs are also a great choice.

Today, last year was when we had the Salmon Fly hatch. We have been keeping our eye on them and they are itching to get out of that shuck. With the warmer temperatures around the corner, it could accelerate the hatch. Heck, it could happen today! Keep your eye on Salmon Fly shucks on the banks and trees. Look for them flying around, crawling on the grass and landing on the water. We had some luck with a Salmon Fly pattern yesterday (Sofa Pillow pattern) and had some jumpers.

Have a great Friday!


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