Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 14-15, 2017

The river is getting lower, clarity is increasing, and more holes are becoming visible. The fishing has been great the last couple of days for every technique/style. Nymphing, streamers and dries are getting fish.

The streamer bite has really picked up! The black Peanut Envy (Articulated) and olive Zoo Cougar are getting fish to strike. We have seen really aggressive strikes at these flies. Target those banks, and undercuts. We have seen a lot of the streamer chasers coming straight off the bank. Chuck that streamer and hook that eager trout!

Nymphing has been very consistent. The trusty San Juan Worm has been the winner. We have had some luck on Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns. The fish have really tuned in on the worm and is a must have on your rig. Never doubt the worm!

Dry fly fishing has been incredible. I have noticed fly hatches later in the evening. I haven’t seen many May flies or Caddis but I have noticed Midge hatches. That being said, I have added a Griffiths Gnat to my setup. Both the Gnat and Crippled Blue Winged Olive have been working great.

I have been using a Yellow Sally as my attractor pattern. Try a Yellow Sally followed by either the Griffiths Gnat or Crippled Blue Winged olive. I have been dropping these two flies about 10 inches from the Sally.

Another thing I have noticed, is I will either get action quickly or have to cast a dozen or more times! If you do not get action right away, keep at it. It might take getting that presentation just right or mimicking a hatch. Don’t give up! Fool that greedy, sipping, jumping trout!

Fishing has been very good on the Blacksmith. The river is starting to settle down and clarity is increasing. Get out there and try whatever technique you enjoy most. Nymphing, streamers and dry flies are working great. If streamer fishing, try a black or olive bait fish and Sculpin pattern. Nymphing, try a: Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John. Don’t forget the San Juan! Fish have really tuned in on Crippled Blue Winged Olives and the Griffiths gnat in the evenings. Try those patterns if you are searching for the jumpers. Have a great day and if you are like me…pray for no more snow!


We are fishing just below Hardware Ranch

Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 13, 2017

Fish are getting jumpy up Blacksmith. Fishing was slow on the nymphing and streamer end but dries came in to save the day. It was windy at first yesterday and I didn’t see many flies. But once the wind died down, and it started to warm up, I noticed a lot of Mayflies. What caught my eye was a Brown trout sipping on flies right in front of me! Of course it didn’t want what I was throwing at it but I noticed what it was eating. It was eating crippled May flies.

I rotated through a bunch of different dry fly patterns but the winner was a Yellow Sally and Blue Winged Olive Cripple. I had the Yellow Sally as my attractor fly, followed by a Blue Winged Olive Cripple pattern. I had it about 10 inches dropped off the Yellow Sally. We got a fish to take a Chubby Chernobyl as well. So don’t be afraid to toss those big flies!

Again, target those trout! With runoff, Trout are hanging out in all sorts of holes. If you see any calm pocket, fish it! Trout don’t need a lot of room to ambush prey or rest. A lot of the time we are fishing from the bank nowadays and dropping our fly directly above the hole. Dry flies are great for this and streamers.

The streamer bite was slow yesterday but we had luck on Black (Sculpin and Bait Fish patterns). We noticed fish reacting to a more aggressive retrieve. Experiment with both fast and slow retrieves. Nymphing was slow as well but the trusty San Juan worm came through!

If fishing dry flies, wait till your flies clear the pocket. Yesterday, my flies made their way close to the bank and when I went to pull my flies out of the water, I missed a fish. They really like to strike dry flies especially, right at the end of the run or right up on the bank. Be patient and wait for those flies to exit the pocket completely.

Remember to tell your Mom how great she is today! And if you are fishing today, go try some dries up Blacksmith!


We are fishing just below Hardware Ranch

Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 7, 2017

The water wasn’t covering the road, so that was a good sign! The water is dropping and starting to settle back to its normal self. Still high, muddy, swift but pockets are starting to pop out and make worth wading.

We were throwing a lot of streamers in those cozy obvious holes but nymphing was the winner. We had luck with the trusty San Juan worm, and Pheasant Tail. Hares Ear, Copper johns, Caddis Larvae, Stone flies are all great choices. I noticed a lot of Caddis Larvae under rocks, worth a shot trying those. The water is muddy but don’t think they can’t see that tiny fly, they can see just fine. Searching for that sweet spot in depth to get those nymphs where they need to be will be the challenge.

There is a lot of debris in the river and getting snagged up will happen. Just don’t mistake a snag for a strike! After getting hung up on debris in the river, its easy to start mistaking snags for strikes. When you see your line or indicator drop for whatever reason, set that hook! It happens too many times where I think I hooked a branch but ends up being a fish. It could be the fish of a lifetime, set that hook!

Streamers were getting fish to dart out of their comfortable holes. Articulated Sculpin patterns were getting fish all jazzed up. Olive and Black were working very well. Sex Dungeons, and Zoo Cougars are great flies to throw at them. Not much luck on yellow last weekend, but yellow and runoff is my go to.

Blacksmith fly hatches were incredible. We saw Mayflies, Caddis and Golden Stones! They were all over the place and fish were rising. Like the Logan, look for those big, calm pockets of water. Toss that dry on top of that pocket and wait for those jumpers! Caddis, Blue Winged Olives, Hoppers/Golden Stone fly patters are great choices.

Blacksmith is starting to look like its normal self from what it was just a month ago. The water is still swift and muddy but fishing well. Nymphing was getting fish last weekend and is a great choice. Try the San Juan worm and Hares ear combo. Pheasant tails, Copper Johns, Caddis Larvae, Stone flies are all great choices. Streamers will get those eager trout to come out of their cozy hole. Try Sculpin patterns (Single hook or Articulated) in black, olive and yellow. If you are dry fly fishing, keep an eye on those big calm pockets of water. Wait for that jumping trout and toss a Blue Winged Olive, Caddis, Hopper/Stone fly pattern at it.

Have a great weekend and have fun!


Still keeping an eye out for Stone flies that will hint at a Salmon Fly hatch…keep those fingers crossed!

Fishing Report: Logan River May 8-12, 2017

Its starting to feel like Summer here in Logan! With that being said, all that snow from this past Winter has to go somewhere…and its flowing right into the Logan. Don’t let this discourage you because the fishing has been very good. Just target those fish getting cozy!

Streamers have been our go to approach with higher water and tighter pockets. The pockets we are targeting are right on the bank. If you see any calm pocket of water, fish it. We have been dropping our flies in some very unusual holes and getting strikes. With the higher water, it seems like the fish are taking any pocket of water they can get.

Fish don’t need long runs or giant pockets to rest/feed. We are seeing strikes from fish in holes the size of a shoe box! sometimes even smaller than that. Keep a look out for those not so obvious holes. Don’t pass up that hole with trees and brush surrounding it! Get that fly in that pocket quickly to avoid getting snags and follow through with your cast.

The Streamers that are getting fish this week are the Zoo cougar and Wooly Sculpin (Single Hook). Olive, yellow and white have been getting fish. The White Zoo Cougar was getting great action on Tuesday morning, May 9th. Olive and yellow have been working extremely well this week in the evening. Try a Sculpin pattern if you are streamer fishing and get ready for that strike!

Dry fly action is still on. The water is swift and muddy but fish can see just fine and will jump for them. There are a lot of flies in the air and Caddis are making their presence known. Fish are rising and coming out of the water for them. We are noticing the jumpers in bigger pockets that are very calm. If you spot a large calm pocket, try throwing a dry fly and get that trout to jump!

Nymphing is always a great choice. I am going to sound like a broken record. The San Juan worm and Hares Ear are a great combo, deadly! Those two together will get fish. Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns are another great choice. A hopper dropper is another fun option. I would try a big hopper and dropping a Hares Ear,  16 inches below that.

With the higher water, getting that depth right for nymphing might be tricky but stick with it!  Look for a nice pocket/run where fish can position themselves to feed on the aquatic insects floating down river.

The river is running high and muddy but don’t let this discourage you. The fishing hasn’t slowed down. If you are streamer fishing, really target those fish. Keep an eye out for those not so obvious holes. Fish are still rising for terrestrials. Observe those bigger calm pockets and wait for that jumper! Try a Caddis, Blue Winged Olive, or a Hopper. Nymphing is always a great option. Try our go to combination: San Juan Worm and a Hares Ear. Be safe while wading, and make careful steps. The river is extremely swift.

Have a great weekend!





Fishing Report: Logan River May 6-7, 2017

The river is running swift from run off but still fishing very well. We saw a lot of action with streamers and nymphs. Still plenty of flies hatching and hovering over the river. We did spot a few fish rising.  Keep an eye out for those jumpers!

Streamers are getting fish and are a great option during runoff. With the higher water and tighter pockets, streamers can be a great way to lure a trout out of its cozy hole. We have noticed the most action is from the tighter pockets, right up against the bank or beneath cover (bushes and trees). Olive, yellow and black are great colors to use for streamers. Yellow by far has been getting a lot of action. The single hook patterns this weekend were working very well. Try a Sculpin pattern (Zoo Cougar, Wooly Sculpin) and hang on!

Nymphs are another great option during runoff. The trusty San Juan worm and Hares ear are working great! Pheasant tails are also getting fish. Copper Johns are another great option. We did spot some Golden Stone fly nymphs under rocks as well as Caddis Larvae. No luck with either of those this weekend but still worth a shot.

Dry fly fishing was slow for us this weekend. There were a few risers, but not a whole lot of action. Keep an eye out for them. May flies are making their presence known as well as Caddis. Try a Blue Wing Olive, Caddis and Emerger patterns if you see fish coming to the surface.

Runoff has made the river swift and muddy. Don’t let this discourage you because it is still fishing great! If streamer fishing, really target those fish. Target those tight pockets up against the bank or under brush. Olive and black streamers are working well but yellow has been the go to. Nymph fishing is still consistent. Try the San Juan worm followed up with a Hares Ear. Pheasant tails and Copper johns are also a great choice. Dry fly fishing was slow but there are fish rising.

Have a great week everybody!


Fishing Report : Logan River May 5, 2017

Warmer temperatures, Mothers day is around the corner, can only mean one thing. Hatches! And to remember to tell your Mom, how great she is. We are seeing a lot more bugs in the air, especially Caddis. Look for those moth like bugs in the air and hovering over the water. If you see fish coming out of the water, throw a Caddis at it! Caddis are very active flies on the water,  which makes them fun to fish. When casting a Caddis, dead drifting is a great approach but giving it some movement can trigger a fish to rise. I will sometimes drag it across the surface of the water or pick it up and drop it back on the surface. Mayflies, emerger patterns are also great flies to fool a hungry trout. The Chubby Chernobyl bite has slowed down the last couple of days.

Streamer fishing has been very consistent. Sculpin and baitfish (Zoo Cougars and Barely Legals) patterns are getting fish. Articulated and single hook streamers are working great. This week, we have noticed the fish are attacking brown streamer patterns. Of course, rotate through colors until you find players.

Nymphing has also been consistent. The San Juan worm, simple but deadly! Hares ear, pheasant tails, stone flies are all great options. With Caddis flying around, a Caddis larva nymph is another great option.

Today we noticed the water is muddy. With the warm weather today, run off kicked into gear. Don’t let this prevent you from fishing. Fish it the same as you would if the water was clear. If you are streamer fishing, my go to color to use during runoff is yellow. Yellow streamers during runoff have been getting fish. Tonight, the yellow Wooly Sculpin and brown/orange zoo cougar (Chucky) were triggering fish. The water is swift, be careful while wading and make careful steps.

Logan is staying consistent and hatches are heating up. Observe those flies in the air and keep an eye out for the fish jumping for Caddis! The Chubby Chernobyl bite has slowed down but don’t be afraid to throw a big hopper at them. Streamer and nymph fishing have been very consistent. With the muddy water, try a yellow or brown streamer if you are not getting reactions from fish.

The Salmon Fly hatch is coming soon…stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend and catch fish!



Fishing Report: Logan River April 28-29

The Logan is heating up and if you are itching to throw dry flies/big hoppers, its time. We saw a lot of serious players, rising for Chubby Chernobyls. Some of the fish would take it after only a few cast. Others would take it after a dozen or more cast! Be patient and make sure to cover the entire pocket. Keep a close eye on that dry fly. The sippers are quick and tricky! Some trout wont rise out of the water for a fly. They will sip it from below the surface. If you see that fly disappear, set that hook!

One thing I do besides getting caught in trees constantly, is tease the fish. Don’t go right back at the fish with the fly, give it a minute and make the fish want it. This is something that works for us when we miss a strike. Give it a try next time you get on the water.

The streamer bite is only getting better. The fish are really tuning in on yellow, brown and olive. Bait fish patterns are working but the Sculpin patterns are getting fish. The olive Zoo Cougar is getting numbers and has been the go to fly the past couple days. The retrieve is still at a moderate pace.

The Logan is still swift but wadable. We noticed today (4/29/2017) the water is lower and clearer. Fish are starting to look for those top water flies and are not being shy about eating Chubby Chernobyls. Don’t hesitate to throw out a big hopper. If you see Mayflies around the surface of the water, try a Blue Wing Olive. Emerger patterns are also a great option. The streamer bite is not slowing down. The olive Zoo Cougar has been the go to fly. Yellow and brown have been good colors as well for both Sculpin and bait fish patterns. If you are fishing dries, remember to be patient. It might take over a dozen cast, to find that hungry trout.

Have a great weekend and catch fish!


Fishing Report: Logan River April 27, 2017


While we wait for the Blacksmith to calm down, the Logan has been fishing very well. The streamer bite has been consistent. Both Sculpin and bait fish patterns have been getting fish. Zoo Cougars, Barely Legals, Butt Monkeys, and Dungeons are all great choices. We have been using a variety of colors and sizes. single hook, articulated (double and triple hook). Yellow, brown/natural, olive, and black have been great colors to throw at them. Overcast days, yellow seems to be a great option. Black has been working very well on clear, sunny days. The retrieve is not aggressive, we have been going at a moderate pace. A dead drift is a great retrieve for those soft pockets across the river. With the higher water from runoff, targeting fish is very important. look for those soft pockets where fish can ambush prey or relax while the river brings the food to them. Pockets can be long runs or the size of a shoe box. Throw those streamers and hang on!

Nymphing has been excellent as well. Our go to is the trusty/deadly San Juan worm followed up with a Hares Ear. We drop our Hares Ear 16-18 inches below our point fly (San Juan Worm). One split shot weight in between the two has been the sweet spot. Pheasant tail and copper johns have been working well. We also have seen Skwala stone flies hanging out under rocks. If you are not getting hits, remember depth is very important. Keep experimenting with weights or indicator height to get those flies in the depth the fish will take them.

Now for dry flies, its almost that time of year! We had luck last weekend ( April 22, 2017) with Blue Wing Olives and Royal Chubbies. At the start of the day, I did throw a Chubby Chernobyl to mimic the Skwala stone flies we have seen. I had two Browns come look at it but no takers. Probably fisherman error….next time I will fool them! The Blue Wing Olive and Royal Chubby were getting fish to rise. Keep an eye out for May flies and fish rising. I did see a Cutthroat come completely out of the water for a fly. Most of the fish we did see taking dries, were sipping them. I had a Blue Wing Olive as my top/point fly followed by the Royal Chubby about 16 inches down. I would try those, emerger patters, and big hoppers! The hopper dropper is also a great option. Use a hopper followed by a nymph (Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, etc.) and cover it all!

The Logan River is running high/swift but still wadable.  The fishing has been very good, just target those fish. Look for those May Flies and Skwalas flying around. If you dont see those, throw some nymphs at them. Or just throw some big ugly streamers at them!

Have fun and catch fish


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