Fishing Report

Logan River

It has been a busy couple months! Mostly getting my hooptie ready for it’s trek to the Wind River Range. And the car performed great! It even got me to Montana and back a few times. That car has been the best $200 I have ever spent. Anyway, lets get into the fishing

I finally got to throw some bugs and big bugs on the Logan. The fish are jumping on top and feasting below. Hoppers and Drakes were being targeted heavily over weekend.

Dry Fly-Fishing

The hopper dropper is a must right now. Hoppers are all over the banks and the unfortunate ones, are landing right over a hungry trout. We have been using hoppers in sizes 10-12. Smaller hoppers will work fine too. We had fish going for smaller Ant patterns as well, so any smaller attractor will do just fine.

I have the nymphs we used as droppers in the Nymph section.

Gray Drakes! I was so happy to see these bugs flying through the air. And seeing them get muched by hungry fish got me all sorts of excited. The Drakes have been taking flight from about Noon-3pm. They have been consistent around that time frame. Keep your eyes on aggressively rising fish or big May Flies above or on the water. We had luck with Drakes in a size 10-12.

Other great options are the usual suspects: Dark Caddis (more on the dark brown and gray side) BWOs, Midges. I have seen some October Caddis as well. We are still a couple weeks away from full on October Caddis hatch but some are out.

Streamer fishing

I haven’t fished much streamers but I have had luck with baitfish patterns. Barely Legals, Peanut Envy, Laser Legal are great flies to throw. Smaller Sculpin patterns like a Zoo Cougar are always a great choice. Try bait fish patterns in: Olive/White, Brown/White, Olive/Yellow and Brown/Yellow.

Nymph Fishing

During the middle of the day, when the fish have exhausted themselves from feasting on Drakes, I have noticed more fish sitting low. A lot of the fish are targetting Caddis larva, May Fly Nymphs, Midges, and small Golden Stones.

Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Galloups BWO, Serendipity (Red or Black), Shop Vac, Copper Johns, Disco Midges, Lightning Bugs are excellent choices. Try these smaller nymphs dropped off your Hopper/Stimulator pattern. I had my nymphs dropped about 12-18 inches from my Hopper.

We have seen smaller Golden Stones. Try a light colored Rubber Leg in sizes 8-10.


It is a great time to fish! Only a few more weeks left of big dry fly-fishing season. Get out there while you can and throw the big bugs! Also on a side note, Cattle are still using the roads at night. Be very careful and drive slowly when you get up towards Temple Fork and Ricks Spring. I almost ran right into a big Heffer. Then watched a car do exactly what I did after I flashed the vehicle. Be careful and have fun!


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