Fishing Report

Logan River

The heat has finally caught up to the fish. That mid day dry fly bite has really slowed down. You might get a couple to poke their heads out and sip but we aren’t seeing a full on aerial assault until the evenings. With that being said there are other methods working better. Nymphing and Streamers have been very consistent.


Streamer fishing has been the most consistent. When it is the heat of the day, I am throwing big streamers. I noticed this a few years ago on the Blacksmith. I couldn’t get a dang thing to rise and nymphing wasn’t on fire. I then switched to streamers and it was a game changer.

Fish find spots in the river to feed and relax. They want no other competing fish coming in and taking what is theirs. They want to stay put in the hole they claimed and feed on all the available food flowing down river.

This is where the big streamers come in to play. You will see a lot of fish chasing your fly. Stick with it and wait for that one fish to eat it. I have seen a lot of fish chasing but the serious ones will be committed.

Cutthroats have been a real pain in my arse because they eat the fly at the very last second. Make sure to put that fly through the entire run and then wait a few seconds before pulling the fly out of the water. Every Cutthroat I have caught on Streamers the last couple weeks, has taken it right before I pull the fly out to recast.

The flies that have been working are the: Sex Dungeon, Barely Legals, Peanut Envy, and a fly that I created. Its been really exciting seeing the fish react to my streamer. It is going through some testing right now so stay tuned!

The colors that have been working are: Yellow, Olive, White and Brown. Try those colors and try them on those bigger streamers.


Nymphing is also working well. When the fish aren’t chasing other competing fish, they are feasting on all those under water bugs. There is a lot going on beneath the surface. Caddis are littered all over the river bottom. Cased Caddis and free Caddis Larva patterns are a must. We are seeing Green and Tan/Brown Caddis larva.

May Flies are everywhere too and Sulphurs! Have those Hares Ears and Pheasant Tails nearby. Try them in sizes 12-16. One of my favorite nymphs is Galloups BWO nymph. That fly has been kicking butt.

Golden Stones are also present so definitely have some Stone Fly patterns. A Pats Rubber Leg is a great pattern to use as an attractor. And if the Rubber Leg isn’t producing fish, never forget the San Juan Worm! That is an excellent top fly, attractor pattern.

Dry Fly-Fishing

If you were only going to throw dries, I would fish early morning or wait till the late afternoon/evening. Early morning, stimulators have been working well. Galloups Antacid, Chubbies, and hopper patterns. PMDs, BWOs and Caddis are other great options if Stimulators are not getting it done.

When the evening hits, try Caddis Emerger patterns. Iris Caddis, X Caddis, X2 Caddis. Try those in sizes 16-18. Sulphurs and Green Drakes have been present. Try a drake in a size 10-12 and a Sulphur in sizes 12-14. There have been lots of Midges out too. Try a Goober or Griffiths Gnat in sizes 16-18.


The heat has finally caught up to the fish. The mid day dry fly bite has slowed down. But, don’t let that make you pack up your gear and call it a day. Try other methods like Streamer and Nymph fishing. The fish are there and feeding. You just got to either piss them off or put that delicious nymph right infront of their face. Don’t give up!


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