Logan River

It has been a scorcher outside the last few weeks. And the fishing is just as hot! Lots of bugs out and lots of options to choose from. Fish are sipping, and jumping clear out of the water. Pay attention to how fish are rising. This can tell you everything you need to know.

Dry Fly-Fishing

The other night I was out, I saw plenty of Green Drakes! There are still Drakes patrolling the skies and the fish are very aware. The birds are also aware of this too. If you see the birds swooping in and fish rising aggressively, put a drake on. Fish a drake from sizes 8-12.

Last night I saw Sulphur Mayflies! That was a pleasant surprise seeing that bug land on my arm. Fish a Sulphur in sizes 12-16. A PMD Cripple is a good pattern to imitate an injured Sulphur too.

Definitely have PMDs, Blue Winged Olives, Caddis, and Midges. If you see fish sipping, the fish are most likely targeting emerging flies, Midges, or spent flies. If you see fish jumping aggressively, they are targetting those jumpy Caddis and bigger May Flies.

Try PMDs and BWOs in sizes 14-18. Caddis in sizes 14-18 as well. The Midges that are out and about are pretty dang small. Try Midges in sizes 18-20.


Streamers have been working very well. Sculpin have been the daily special on the menu for those bigger Browns. Sculpin are a delicacy in most Trout streams but especially here in Cache Valley. Bring those Sculpin patterns! Sex Dungeon, Zoo Cougar, Butt Monkey, Virginia Slim, Double Screamer. Try these patterns in: Olive, Black, and Natural.

Baitfish are always a great option too. Barely Legals, Double Screamers, Peanut Envy and Circus Peanut. Try them in Olive, White, Brown, White/Olive, Yellow/Olive, Brown/White.


From pulling my flies off debris in the river, to pulling fish out that are excreting on my me…one thing is clear. Caddis are everywhere and the fish are targetting Caddis Nymphs. Caddis Nymphs are a must. I have seen the green color larvae, make sure to have the green colored body nymphs.

The usual suspects are a must too. San Juan Worm, Pats Rubber Leg (Golden Stone), Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Shop Vac, Copper John, Disco Midges, Ruby and Root Beer Midges. Yellow Sally Nymphs are another nymph I will be adding to the mix soon.


The fishing is only getting hotter on the Logan. Fish are targetting a lot of food sources right now. Whatever you fancy, get out there and throw those bugs! From Size 20 dries/nymphs to big meaty streamers, they are all working.

Also, I have heard the mornings have been slower with dries. Try stimulator patterns if you don’t have luck on the usual suspects like BWOs, PMDs, and Caddis. Ants, Hoppers, Chubbies are great flies to throw early morning.


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