Blacksmith Fork River

The terrestrial activity on the Blacksmith right now is incredible. There are so many bugs out and so many options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any bug it seems like. Salmon Flies, Cicadas, Drakes, Yellow Sallies, Golden Stones, PMDs, Rusty Spinners and Midges. Bugs, bugs, and bugs!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Cicadas! We started to see Cicadas about two weeks ago. It reminds me of summer days in Virginia. Back home, Cicada shucks are all over the trees and swarming the skies. There is a species of Cicadas called Broods that take up to 17 years to finally hatch!

I was in Virginia in 2003 when there was the IX Brood hatch and it was something I will never forget. You were trying to avoid being hit by these dang hard shelled bugs. Because they were so many, clogging the sky! It was really a phenomenon. And you have to be careful because Hornets and Wasps love to eat Cicadas. You will be walking and next thing you know you got a Hornet dive bombing right into you with a Cicada wrapped in its legs and stinger

Anway, back to the fishing! There are lots of Cicadas out. A Cicada pattern is a must and was working better than other patterns over the weekend. My good friend who ties a lot of the flies I use has also tied up some awesome Cicadas in a size 10 with a black body. If you need flies, just shoot me a message!

When other patterns aren’t working, try the Cicada! My friends were fishing this past weekend and said that fly was the winner on top.

There are still plenty of Salmon Flies taking to the skies and on trees. Chubby Chernobyls in any color (Purple Chubbies have been working too!) will work great. Cat Pukes are another awesome fly and work very well in low light conditions. We are also seeing a lot of Yellow Sallies and Golden Stones.

Green Drakes, PMDs, Rusty Spinners, BWOS and Midges are plentiful. You really can’t go wrong with dry fly-fishing right now. The fish have so many options and are looking for anything that hits the surface it seems like. Try any of those flies paired together and have fun! Try the Cicadas out, we might not see a Cicada hatch like this for a few more years…or maybe 17!

Streamer Fishing

Blacksmith fish love eating eachother and Sculpin. So if you don’t want to throw dries or nymphs then just strip that junk! Zoo Cougars, Barely Legals, Sex Dungeons, Peanut Envys, Virginia Slims, Silk Kitty, and the Boogie Man are all great flies to throw. Try these flies in: Olive, Black, Tan, White, Natural. If you are throwing baitfish patterns like a Barely Legal, try: Olive/White, Olive/Yellow, Gray/White and Brown/White in color.

Nymph Fishing

With the amount of terrestrial activity on top, you bet the nymphing is killer too. Pats Rubber Leg, San Juan Worm, and a large size 12-14 Pheasant Tail are great top flies to have on the rig. Try dropping a Hares Ear (size 16) or a Pheasant tail (size 16) below those top flies. Copper Johns, Shop Vacs, Disco Midges, Root Beer midges, and Ruby Midges are other fun options to try.


The Blacksmith bug activity is incredible right now. So many flies to choose from and none of them are bad options. One fly I would definitely have is the Cicada because we might not see them for a few more years. That fly was kicking butt from what my friends were telling me. So get out there and throw some big ugly bugs!


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