Logan River

Runoff is pretty much in the books and the Logan is now catching up to the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith terrestrial activity has been out of this world this year. And the Logan terrestrial activity is catching up!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Green Drakes are out and the fish are aware of this. We have seen plenty hit the water, so the Drake feast is coming…be ready for it! The Drakes are big, fish a Drake in sizes from 10-12. I would argue the Green Drake hatch is more fun than the Salmon Fly Hatch on the Blacksmith. If you haven’t fished the Drakes, do it!

I have seen Golden Stone Fly Shucks on rocks which means one thing, CHUBBIES. I had luck yesterday getting a few on a large Cat Puke fly (Salmon Fly pattern). I wish I had a smaller fly like a Golden Stone Chubby in a size 8. The fish were looking up and definitely looking for that big Golden Stone. Bring those big dries!

PMDs, and Rusty Spinners are in full force. In the evening, the Rusty Spinners are very prolific. Make sure to have these flies in sizes 16-18. Midges are out in big numbers too. Griffiths and Goober midges in sizes 16-18 are perfect trailers behind one of those big Drakes, PMDs or Rusty Spinners.

Streamer Fishing

The Logan Cutts and Browns have not stopped bullying their neighbors. The fish are still very aggressive and are attacking a lot of different flies coming by their turf. Sculpin and Baitfish flies are working great! Sculpin patterns like Virginia Slims, Zoo Cougars, Sex Dungeons, and the Boogie Man are working great. White/Natural, Olive and Black are great colors to try.

Bait Fish patterms like Barely Legals, and Peanut Envys in Olive/White, Olive/Yellow, White/Gray are excellent options.

Nymph Fishing

Golden Stones are making their way to the surface. The fish are targetting these flies aggressively. A Pats Rubber Leg (Golden Stone Color) is a must! Can’t go wrong with a San Juan Worm either. If you want to get dirty, fish both of those attractors on your rig.

Green Drakes are also making their way to the surface. Drake Nymphs in a size 14 are a must. Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails (size 16), Disco Midges, Root Beer Midges and Ruby Midges are great flies to throw too. I keep forgetting to mention the Shop Vac.

The Shop Vac would definitely be apart of the mix. With all the bugs hatching to the surface, that is an excellent pattern to use. Caddis nymphs as well, we have seen the green Caddis nymphs.


The Logan is starting to settle down after run off. But the fishing is heating up! Make sure to bring your Green Drake patterns and Chubbies! The fish are about to go on a full feast, get ready.


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