Oneida Narrows

I have been hearing a lot about the Narrows. It took me awhile to finally give it a chance and I am kicking myself for not fishing it sooner! A great river that is just right over the Idaho border. It fishes like a big river and holds a lot of great fish, from Smallmouth to Browns. And lets not forget the jumpy Rainbows. Those dang Bows will never settle down and will work that rod. Hang on for the ride!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Oneida has an incredible Caddis hatch. It comes in thick and you will be inhaling flies how prolific the hatch is. The Midge and BWO hatch is also incredible.

We have had luck with Caddis and BWOs in sizes 16-18. A Chocolate Caddis in size 14 would work great too. Goober Midges and Griffiths Gnats in size 16-18 are great choices.

Top water poppers are a great way to stick a Smallmouth. Chartreuse, Yellow, and Fire Orange are my favorite colors for poppers. Popper fishing is just like streamer fishing, it can be feast or famine. When you find the color and retrieve, Smallmouth have a hard time resisting that top water snack. Stick with it and get ready for that explosion on top!

Streamer Fishing

Streamer fishing has been very effective. Fish have been hitting a lot of different flies. Bait fish, Sculpin and Cray Fish have been on the Menu.

Bait fish patterns like a Barely Legal, Pearl Necklace, Peanut Envys have been doing great. Try Olive/White, Olive/Yellow, and White/Gray. Sculpin Patterns have also been producing. Virginia Slim, Zoo Cougar, Butt Monkey, Sex Dungeons, Silk Kitty and Boogie Man are also excellent flies to throw. Try Natural/White, Olive, Black and Yellow. My friend did well with a Olive Cray Fish pattern too.

Nymph Fishing

I haven’t been nymphing but my friend was kicking my butt right off the bat. With Caddis all over the place, Caddis nymphs are a must on the rig. The Mop Fly was doing very well. And of course, the San Juan Worm was doing what it does best, getting fish!

You can’t go wrong with a Hares Ear or Pheasant Tail trailing a Mop or San Juan. Midge nymphs like a Disco, Ruby or Root Beer Midge are other great options to trail the Mop or Worm.


The Oneida Narrows is an excellent river that is just over the Idaho Border. Not too far and fishes like a big river. You don’t have to go far for that big water feel! With Summer heating up, tubers will be coming down Oneida like its i-15 during gridlock! But if you can find some open water, fish it! It is a very healthy river with lots of great opportunities to catch fish and big fish.


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