Fishing Report

Blacksmith Fork River

These fish are living the life right now. They are getting a full course meal coming out of Winter. First it was big Stone Fly Nymphs, then Salmon Flies and now Drakes! It was incredible seeing these monster May Flies take to the skies. Big bug season isn’t over just yet!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Green Drakes! I could not believe it when I saw these bugs. There is a lot of bugs hatching and taking to the skies. But the big Drakes stick out like a sore thumb! These Drakes are around a size 12-14. Keep an eye out for them because fishing the Drakes can be as good or better than a Salmon Fly feast.

There are still plenty of Stone Flies out. We have seen some Salmon Flies on the lower half of the Blacksmith. Yellow Sallies and Golden Stone Flies have been flying around in big numbers. Try a Golden Stone in a size 12 and a Yellow Sally in a size 14-16.

BWOs and Midges are also present. Have some BWOs in sizes 16-18 and Midge patterns in 16-18 as well. Griffiths Gnat or a Goober are great choices!

Streamer Fishing

Streamer fishing has been a lot of fun too! We had luck on smaller bait fish and Sculpin patterns. Yellow Sculpin patterns have been getting fish to bite. Olive/White baitfish patterns have been getting fish too. Olive and Black Zoo Cougars are great choices to have in the rotation. Articulated Barely Legals and Sex Dungeons will work just fine.

Nymph Fishing

With all the bugs flying around, the fish are feasting. They are feasting on the ones that were not so fortunate to make it to the surface. May Fly nymphs are a must right now. Big Hares Ears and Pheasant Tails to mimic the Drakes are great choices. Smaller Hares Ears and Pheasant Tails to mimic BWOs.

Stone Fly nymphs are also a must with Yellow Sallies and Golden Stones out and about. Try a Yellow Sally nymph in a size 14-16 and a Golden Stone size 12-14.

Keep in mind that a lot of these aquatic insects are making their way to the surface. When nymphing, swing those nymphs! A lot of fish will take the flies when you bring them back out of the water to start a new cast. Swing’em!

And almost forgot, Caddis! I noticed on my waders plenty of Caddis larva crawling on me. I didn’t fish my Caddis larva pattern very long but that is worth a shot. The ones I saw were green in color.



The Blacksmith has been very active the last few weeks. The fish are taking full advantage of all the bugs migrating to the surface. As well as the bugs that are returning and getting just a little too comfortable on top of the water. Whatever you fancy: Dries, Streamers, Nymphs, they are all working very well. But if you start seeing those monster Drakes, get ready! Some of the best dry fly-fishing I have fished has been during a Drake hatch. Have fun out there!


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