Fishing Report

Logan River

The water is swift on the Logan right now. Not like it was last year but the power of the water will get you when you least expect it! Be safe while wading but don’t let the high water stop you from fishing! The higher and muddier the water, the better!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Target the fish looking up on the banks. You will see fish hanging close to the surface tight to the banks. We are seeing Blue Winged Olives, Midges and Caddis. Size 16-18 is a good range to mimic the flies that are present.

I really enjoy tandem rigs. Try a BWO up top with a trailing Caddis. Or a Caddis up top and a trailing Midge. Just keep a look out for fish close to the surface. The ones that are rising, are focused on whats on top and will be until their bellies are packed full of the little bugs.

Streamer Fishing

Runoff streamer fishing is a blast right now! When the higher and swifter flows come in, it pushes fish into tight quarters. When this happens, fish become very aggressive and will let other competing fish know they are not welcome.

We are having a lot of luck with Olive, Olive/White, White, Brown, Black and Yellow streamers. Try Sex Dungeons, Barely Legals, Zoo Cougars, Peanut Envys in those colors.

Nymph Fishing

Nymphing during runoff is very effective. Runoff acts like a conveyor belt, it pushes huge quantities of food into those fishes bellies. They are seeing a lot of different insects which makes them not so picky.

San Juan Worm and a Pats Rubber Leg are my favorite run off attractors. Dropping a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Disco Midge or a Caddis Pupa below it, are great options. Size 16 in those smaller nymphs will work just fine. Try a Pats Rubber Leg in a size 6.


We are still working with runoff right now and the water is swift. Be safe while wading and don’t let the chocolate milk discourage you! The higher and muddier the water, the better! If you are fishing for top water sippers, keep a look out for them. They are hanging close to the top and you will see them. If you are targeting meat eaters, be patient. The fish are very aggressive right now. You will piss some fish off, just keep strippin that junk! Fish are not being too picky on the nymphing end. Fish can’t resist the deadly San Juan!

Be careful driving through the canyon. More traffic will be going up and down the canyon. The Deer are coming close to the roads at night. Be safe and enjoy the pleasant weather!


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