Blacksmith Fork River

The bugs are everywhere! Salmon Flies, Yellow Sallies, BWOs, all over the place. So cool seeing the river come to life as Spring settles in. It is a great time to fish and if you have friends that want to try, bring them. This is a great time to show a beginner fly-fishing, with the fish gorging themselves.

Dry Fly-Fishing

Salmon flies, Yellow Sallies, BWOs are all over the river. And, all over you! I went to adjust my hat a few times yesterday and had some friends getting comfortable on the brim of my hat. Also, before you leave the river from fishing, check your gear. There might be some Salmon Fly hitch hikers that want to come home with you.

Now to the bugs, Chubbies and Sofa Pillows have been working well. We have had luck with size 4-6 Chubbies and Sofa Pillows. With BWOs out and about, as well as Yellow Sallies, a smaller dry rig would be great too. I would run both a Sally and a BWO on a tandem rig.

The last few days, the top water bite was slow for me in the evening. If that is the case for you too, hit them with the Pats.

Nymph Fishing

Nymphing has been very productive over the week. When the top water is working, its non stop. I have waded through some sections where Salmon flies are present but the fish wont hit my big ugly bug on top. Once I switched over to the Pats Rubber leg, my line finally was tight again. Fish are targeting Stone Flies heavily right now. Having a Stone Fly Nymph imitation is a must!

With Yellow Sallies and Salmon Flies out, size of Rubber Leg isn’t too important. I have had a lot of fun with a size 6 Rubber leg. I am dropping it below a trusty San Juan. A size 2 or 4 would be fun to try. Don’t be afraid to go big! The fish are feasting and you will know when you see their fat bellies. They are not skipping any Stone Fly that passes their mouth right now.


The fishing on the Blacksmith is great! The river is coming to life and bugs are everywhere. The fish are keying in on Stone Flies heavily. The last few days, the Salmon Flies have been hanging close to the bank. I saw some flying yesterday evening. I don’t think we are at full Salmon Fly feast yet but get ready. It might be happening as I type this! The feast is coming so get ready for big bug annihilation! Remember to check for Salmon Fly hitch hikers before you leave the river. You don’t want Salmon Fly guts on your car seats.

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