Blacksmith Fork River

Been waiting a year for this and the time is finally upon us, Salmon Flies! There are plenty already taking to the skies, trees and grass reeds. But, there are plenty still making their way out of the river. That is if they make it past the gauntlet of trout! A couple years ago, the Salmon Flies were only here for a couple days. I am very optimistic that they will be present for a couple weeks.

Dry Fly-Fishing

The fish are definitely looking up and we have seen some aggressive takes on top. My good friend has been taking the wheel on dries and has done well with the Chubby. I believe he is using a size 6-8 Chubby. Once I get off my Nymphing bender I will go right to a Sofa Pillow. Try using a Sofa Pillow, size 6-8. That has to be my favorite Salmon Fly Pattern.

We are seeing Yellow Sallies and BWOs all over! Try a Yellow Sally pattern with a trailing BWO behind it. The Blacksmith terrestrial activity is really heating up and should only get better!


I have been on a serious Nymphing spree. Nymphing has been a lot of fun. The usual suspects have been getting fish, Pats Rubber Leg and San Juan Worm. Those two together have been kicking butt!

I have been using a San Juan as my top fly and dropping the Pats below it. With Yellow Sallies out and big Salmon Flies, size of Rubber Leg isn’t too important. They should all work just fine.

Since the fish are keying in on these insects, I wouldn’t stray away from the patterns listed above. If you want to try other patterns, don’t hesitate to try Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, and Disco Midges.

Streamer Fishing

If you don’t care about those big beautiful bugs and just want to strip junk, well then STRIP JUNK! We have had fish taking Olive Zoo Cougars. Try smaller Sculpin patterns in Olive and Black. Baitfish patterns like a Barely Legal, Peanut Envy in Olive/White, Olive/Brown are great options.


The Blacksmith is heating up and should only get better! Bring the big bugs and stick to what they are focused on underneath the surface, Stoneflies! When you catch a fish, you will notice right away they are gorging themselves full of these bugs. Have fun up there and get ready for the aggressive takes!


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