Logan River

Up early this morning, got a long day ahead. Going to work for a few hours and then back to my home (Virginia)! I will be there for a couple weeks hunting Striped Bass (Rock Fish), stay tuned.

Back to business, the Logan has been excellent! It has been very consistent, Midge and BWO hatches have been coming in like clock work. The fish are still targetting a handful of those big ugly streamers!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Midges and BWOs have been coming in like clock work. From 1pm-3:30pm, has been the most productive times to find fish rising for the bugs on top. Look for those soft pockets and keep an eye on fish close to the surface. The fish that are rising will be noticable and a few inches below the surface.

We have seen some big midges, so don’t be too concerned on keeping it small. I wouldn’t go bigger than a 16 and have had luck with size 16 Parachute Adams. Size 16-18 BWO patterns are great options too. But if the fish are looking for something smaller, try a size 18-20 Goober Midge. Can’t go wrong with the Griffiths Gnat either! We have seen winter Stone Flies as well. A small size 16 stone fly pattern will get fish to rise.

If your fly passes over a rising fish and it isn’t taking it, try giving that fly some movement. Sometimes fish will key in on movement and will strike when they see that bug struggling to free itself from the surface. Speaking of movement, lets get into the meat eaters!


Streamers have been the most productive the last couple weeks. Fish have been very eager to bite/chase a lot of different bugs coming through their turf. The weather has been very inconsistent in the canyon which has made the streamer bite very good. And it looks like warmer weather is in the forecast. Warmer weather means warmer water and faster, hungry fish!

Sculpin patterns in Olive and Black have been producing great results. ZOO COUGARS! Wooly Sculpins are another great option. Make sure you bring whatever Sculpin patterns you have to the river.

Small bait fish patterns like a Kill Whitey have been great too. White/Olive and Yellow/Olive are the two color patterns getting fish to bite. Bigger bait fish patterns like a Barely Legal and Peanut Envy, in those colors listed above are a must in the box.

The big filthy bugs like a Sex Dungeon and Boogie Man have been excellent. Olive and Black are the go to as well for these big bugs too. Target those banks, a lot of meat eaters are hanging tight to the banks.

Nymph Fishing

With the warmer temps in the future, we will be experiencing a little bit of run off. When there is rain or runoff, you bet your arse there is a San Juan Worm on the rig! Well, I fish that fly regardless of conditions but this time of year, it is the best top fly to have on in my opinion. Second best top fly is a tie between the Pats Rubber Leg and an Egg pattern.

For droppers: Hares Ears, Pheasant tails, Copper Johns, Disco Midges, Ruby Midges, Root Beer Midges are all great flies. Try one of these flies paired with one of the top flies listed above.


The Logan is fishing really good. It has been extremely consistent. The fish have been taking advantage of the Midges, BWOs and Winter Stones hitting the surface. The fish looking for a bigger meal have not been shy chasing lots of different streamers. Of course you got those fish just sitting pretty in those deeper middle seams just inhaling all the nymphs coming down river. Whatever you fancy, get out there and throw bugs! Stay tuned for my pursuit of the Striped Bass.


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