Logan River

Quick lunch break fishing report! Daylight savings is finally upon us. Which means we don’t have to race to the river after work or school, to get a few cast. Woohoo! These warmer temps have really affected the fish in a positive way. Fish have been quicker to the bite on streamers, feeding aggresively for nymphs and Free Willy’n for those Midges on top of the water.


The last couple weeks have been so painful to fish streamers. The fish were looking for the big meals but were just so dang slow! It was so hard to be patient and wait for them to finally bite. Most of the time, they were taking the fly right by your legs which just makes for an awkward hook set. But, with these warmer temps, the fish have been faster and aggressive!

The fish have been staying consistent targeting Sculpin Patterns in Olive and Black. Those two colors have been working extremely well. Zoo Cougars are a great choice but any Sculpin pattern will work just fine. Baitfish patterns like a Kill Whitey or Barely Legal are excellent flies to throw too. Try those or other baitfish patterns in Yellow/Olive.

The bigger flies like a Sex Dungeon, Boogieman, Peanut Envy are working great! Black and Olive have been the go to color for those flies right now.

Nymph Fishing

The warmer temps are nice and all but I want more snow for a sloppy runoff! Last years run off was incredible and made for some great fishing. With that being said, we are having some snow melt happening right now.

I love fishing the San Juan Worm when we have snow melt or a good rain. I would definitely have a San Juan Worm or Egg pattern as your top fly. We are seeing some Skwalas, lots of Golden Stone Nymphs, so a Pats Rubber Leg is another great top fly.

For the smaller nymphs, Midges are the go to! Disco, Ruby, Root Beer, Snow Cone midges are awesome choices. You can’t go wrong with a Hares Ear or Pheasant Tail. And, can’t forget the trusty Copper John!

Dry Fly-Fishing

I haven’t waded into a Midge feast yet but I have seen a few, complete Free Willy for them. I know they are looking up for when that innocent little Midge has no where to go, but the Trouts belly! Have those Goober Midge and Griffiths Gnat patterns at the ready for when you see these fish feasting on top.

I mentioned earlier we have been seeing Skwalas. We haven’t seen a whole lot but get ready. It is almost that time of year to start throwing big Stone dry fly patterns. I can’t wait to start throwing Chubbies again.


Warmer temps, eager fish, happy fisherman! It looks like we will have a few more warm days, so get out there and enjoy your rod guides not freezing. Or if you are like me and forget your boots outside, enjoy them not frozen! Fish are feeding aggressively, so whatever you fancy, throw those bugs! Have fun and we are almost to the weekend.


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