October 30 – November 6, 2017
Gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins. And these Brown’s and Cutts are on the highway to Hell, the way they are acting! Brown’s are starting to show themselves more and are becoming more aggressive. This leads me to believe we are heading into post spawn. Nymphing and Streamers have been productive. Midges are still coming off strong.

Dry Fly-Fishing

Before the cold front moved in, fish were rising for Blue Winged Olives and Midges. This past weekend, I didn’t notice any risers but Midges were coming off strong. Keep those dry fly Midges nearby!

My favorite Midge flies are the Griffiths Gnat and Goober Midge. Try those two patterns or similar Midge patterns in sizes 18-16. Parachute Adams is another great pattern that immitaes a lot of flies like Midges. Try the Adams in the same sizes 18-16. But if you are wanting to get some hungry fish, throw Streamers!


Brown’s are starting to turn that aggression up! Attacking anything that doesn’t belong in their turf. I am under the impression we are heading into post spawn, which means these Brown’s are hungry and looking for a meal!

There were a lot of great responses to an assortment of flies. The most consistent were smaller Sculpin patterns in Olive, Natural and Black. There were fish striking the big double and triple articulated bugs too. But if you are looking for numbers, stick to the smaller flies. Zoo Cougars, and Wooly Sculpins are great flies to throw right now.

If you are wanting to throw the big bugs, try a: Sex Dungeon, Boogie Man, Silk Kitty, Peanut Envy and Barely Legals. Try those flies in Olive, Black and Natural.

Because of the spawn, eggs laying in the Redds, egg sucking leeches and Sculpin are another great option as well. With that being said, be careful wading where there are Redds. Those Brown’s worked their butts off!

Nymph Fishing

With Midges rising to the surface and hatching, Midges are perfect flies to entice a strike. Try Zebra Midges and Disco Midges in sizes 20-16. Ice Cream Cone is another great fly to use.

Since Midges are rising and hatching, Shop Vacs and Green Machines are good options to mimic those flies rising to the surface. Try a Shop Vac or Green Machine as your top (point) fly and drop one of the Midges mentioned above (Zebra, Disco) below it.

Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, and Copper John’s are always great flies to use. Try those in sizes 18-16. I am still seeing plenty of Golden Stones hunkering down under rocks on the banks. Stone Fly nymphs like a Pats Rubber Leg are great options as a top fly.

Other top flies like a San Juan Worm or Egg patterns are another great option as your attractor pattern. Try one of those flies and drop a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, or Copper John below it.


Fishing is starting to pick up and these fish are starting to transition into their winter feeding habits. We are heading into post spawn and Brown’s are starting to behave like Brown’s do…aggressive! Don’t hesitate to throw big streamers but if you want numbers, fish the single hook flies. I didn’t see any risers during the Cold front moving in but keep them handy!

Have a great week and don’t forget to bring your poncho! I forgot mine this last weekend and got soaked. Got cold very, very fast!

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