Logan River: October 20-27, 2017

I’m a real pessimist when it comes to Autumn here in Logan. It always seems to last for a week or two and then Old Man Winter settles in. Luckily, Autumn has stuck around this week and kept those temperatures bearable. The fish are still rising for as many dries as they can stuff down the hatch! Nymphing has been very productive, and streamers are getting fish riled up.

Dry Fly-Fishing

Blue Winged Olives and Midges have been the main targets this week on the surface. Keep your eyes peeled for fish nosing (just barely sipping the surface) or completely Free Willy. Try those two patterns as a combo. A bigger size BWO as your point fly and drop a Midge behind it. The Goober Midge and Griffiths Gnat are great patterns to use to mimic those Midges.

Try BWO patterns from sizes 18-16 and Midge patterns from sizes 20-16. The smaller patterns have been working well but fish are still looking at those bigger flies. With October Caddis getting their attention, Chubby Chernobyls, hopper patterns are great flies to throw at them.

Try darker body Chubbies and hoppers. Black, dark brown and rusty brown/orange are good colors to try on those patterns. When fish are rising, there are just as many or more eating below the surface too.

For a hopper dropper set up, try dropping a Copper John, Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, Disco Midge, Green Machine below that big bug on top and cover both top and sub surface eaters.


It got a little slow earlier in the week with Brown’s focusing on the spawn. The aggression is kicking back up and the Cutthroats haven’t skipped a beat! Olive and black have still been the go to colors.

Smaller Sculpin patterns have been getting fish. Don’t be afraid to go big because the fish are still striking big bugs. Try a Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitty, Boogie Man, Butt Monkey, Zoo Cougar in Olive and Black. Target those banks and middle river seams. I had a few fish strike the fly right at my leg, be patient when swinging those flies. A lot of the fish are striking them right at the end of the run or right before you bring it out of the water.

Nymph Fishing

With all these May Flies and Midges rising to the surface, there is a lot of sub surface activity. May Fly nymphs are a must on your rig! The smaller nymphs have been working well, sizes 20-18. Try: Copper John’s, Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Green Machines, Disco Midges as your dropper below an attractor fly.

There are Golden Stone Fly nymphs crawling around close to the bank.  A Stone Fly nymph pattern, like a Pats Rubber Leg, would be a great top fly (attractor pattern) to use. The trusty San Juan is another great fly to use as your top fly. Drop those smaller nymphs below your top fly 16-20 inches. Find that right depth where those fish are feeding, and have fun!


The Brown’s seem to be feeding more aggressively now. Earlier this week, it seemed like they were focusing more on the spawn. Still plenty of fish rising. Make sure to have BWOS and Midges with you. If streamer fishing, try those Sculpin patterns in Olive and Black. Smaller nymphs have been producing fish. With the abundance of BWOs and Midges, make sure to have those May Fly and Midge nymphs on your rig.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful Fall season we are having. Thank goodness it is sticking around!


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