Fishing Report

Logan River

The fishing has really heat up, unlike our outside temperature. I guess I can’t complain, snow hasn’t been an issue…yet! Fish are rising, and have become very aggressive the last few days, towards big bugs!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Fish are really keying in on Blue Winged Olives and Midges. The trusty Midge has been getting fish once again! We have seen a lot of Midge hatches. Keep your eye on these tiny insects, clustered together, hovering over the surface. Try the BWO in sizes from 16-14 and a Midge pattern (Griffiths Gnat, Goober Midge) in sizes 18-16.

Hoppers have also been producing! Try those hopper patterns with a BWO or Midge behind it. We have seen fish rejecting the Chubby Chernobyl but it is still worth a shot! That is a great fly and will no doubt get a fish’s attention.

Streamer Fishing

Big bugs are getting these fish all riled up! We have really seen the aggression in the fish turn up. Single, double, triple hook patterns, the fish are not taking crap from no one and are attacking all sizes of streamers. With the Brown Spawn starting up, stick to those Sculpin patterns. Trout don’t like those Sculpin getting near their spawning grounds and will let them know by taking a chomp at them!

Try a Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitty, Boogie Man, Zoo cougar, in Olive or Black. Single, Double, Tripple will all get fish. Those colors have been the go to! Chuck those big bugs and hang on!

Nymph Fishing

With Midges being a target on the surface, try a Nymph midge and get those trout targeting them beneath the surface. The Disco Midge is a great pattern to throw at them, try it in a size 18-16. Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, and Hares Ears are all great options right now. Use either a San Juan, or Pats Rubber Leg as your top fly pattern. Drop either of those smaller nymphs listed above below it


Fish are getting aggressive! Striking big streamers and rising for as many terrestials they can get their mouths on. There are plenty of ways to fool those hungry aggressive trout. Pick your method and hook’em! Have a great weekend and enjoy these mild temperatures before they are gone!


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