Blacksmith Fork River

Friday, woohoo! And it’s starting to feel like Fall here in Logan…and not Winter. Hopefully the weather stays consistent because I am not ready for Winter! We got out to the Blacksmith this week and got into some good fishing. Brown’s are getting ready to spawn and are very aggressive.

Dry Fly-fishing

Hoppers, BWOs, PMDs, Spinners are all great choices. As well, Caddis are great flies to throw out there. Try those May Fly patterns and Caddis patterns in sizes 14-18. Hoppers, try those bigger sizes from 6-10. A Chubby Chernobyl would be a great fly to use as your hopper imitation. 

With those bigger hopper patterns, definitely use a dropper below it. Stone Flies, Hares Ears, Pheasant tails, Copper John’s are all great options.

Nymph Fishing

We have seen a lot of Stone Flies congregating close to the banks. Big Stones! Bring your Stone Fly imitations like a Pats Rubber Leg. Try a big Stone Fly up top and dropping a smaller Stone below it. We have seen them from sizes 6-12. 

If you decide to use a Stone or San Juan as your top fly, try the trusty Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John below it. Those are great flies to use, to cover a lot of the aquatic insects that are crawling or clinging to the riverbed. Shop Vacs are working well too.


Just like the Logan, Olive and Black have been the go to colors. We have been fishing smaller single hook Sculpin patterns in those two colors. But if you are wanting to throw some meat out there, don’t hesitate to go Big! Double and triple articulated Sculpin patterns will get fish. If you are looking for numbers definitely stick to the smaller streamer patterns. But if you are looking for meat eaters, go Big!

The Blacksmith is fishing well. There are lots of big Stones hanging close to the bank. Make sure to bring your Stone Fly patterns! The Streamer bite has been very consistent and is just like the Logan. Rotate through those Sculpin patterns in Olive and Black. Have a great weekend and let’s hope we don’t see snow for a few more weeks!


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