Fishing Report: Logan River

September 22-30, 2017

The Aggies beat the Cougars, that’s pretty cool. What’s not cool are these shorter days! I get off work still thinking I have plenty of daylight, but 7:00pm sunsets….COME ON! That’s kind of a bummer but at least the fish are still feasting on everything! Dry flies, Streamers and nymphs! Pick your style and go get’em!

Dry Flies

The Midges are coming off strong. They are light in color. A Goober Midge or Griffiths gnat are great patterns for those tiny flies. Size 16-18 Should be perfect to fool those trout.

May Flies, we are seeing a bunch! BWOS, PMDS, and Spinners. The Spinner fall is strong in the evening. Make sure to have those three flies with you. BWOs, try them in a size 14-16. Spinners and PMDs, size 12-14 has been getting risers.

Caddis are plentiful and October Caddis have been spotty this week. Tan and Chocolate Caddis have been flying around. Sizes 14-16 are what we are seeing and have been getting fish on. October Caddis have been spotty but the fish are paying attention to big flies!

Fish are rising for Chubbies! Which leads us to believe they are feeding on these bigger Caddis throughout the night or still chomping away at Hoppers. Purple and Golden Stone Chubbies in size 6-8 have been working. October Caddis patterns in sizes 8-10 are also working well.


Streamers are picking up and have been very consistent this past week. Olive and Black, those have been the go to colors. Fish have been targeting the smaller Sculpin patterns. Zoo Cougar, Wooly Sculpin or a small Cone Head pattern will get those fish to strike.

With the water as low as it is, you will see most of the fish strike your streamer. Don’t farm’em, like me! It’s so hard sometimes to let the fish strike the fly first, before setting that hook. Wait for that fish to crush that fly!

Nymph Fishing

Here comes the broken record again. San Juan Worm and a Hares Ear/Pheasant tail as your dropper. This is our go to nymph rig, and has always been the fish getter. Copper Johns, Caddis Larva, October Caddis Pupa, these are all great options. We have seen Midges, red in color in the river. Try a red Zebra Midge on your rig. Other Midge patterns will work fine too.

Back to the water being low. These nymphs would work excellent under a Chubby or October Caddis. Try dropping those nymphs 8-10 inches below your big meaty top fly.


Daylight is fading away but the fishing isn’t! Get out there and pick whatever style of fishing you enjoy. The fish have plenty of options for food. Keep your eyes peeled for those monster October Caddis. We did see Drakes last week, keep a look out for those as well. We have seen these flies above Ricks Spring. Have a great weekend!

FYI Still watch out for those cows. I passed one yesterday and didn’t even realize it was there, until I was already past it. It was right on the shoulder of the road. Drive slow and keep a look out for them.

Fishing Report: Logan River

September 19-22 2017

The first day of fall is here, bye bye summer. Time to bust out the waders and wool! With the cooler temperatures up the canyon, don’t let that discourage you from fishing dries. Fish are still rising and rising for those big October Caddis too. The streamer bite has been very consistent. There are a lot of aquatic insect activity as well. The fish are feasting on all the available resources.

Dry Fly-Fishing

We are seeing fish looking up and sipping off the top. Small May Flies are flying around and there was a great Rusty Spinner presence a couple days ago. To imitate these tiny mayflies a Goober Midge is a great choice. You are also killing two birds with one stone because there is also Midges.

The May Flies I have seen are from sizes 18-20 so a tiny midge pattern should do the trick. But if you are looking to throw the big bugs, well you are in luck! The Ocotber Caddis is working well. We haven’t seen a whole lot flying around but fish are paying attention. Try using a Caddis in a size 10, with a rusty brown Abdomen.

Other May Fly and Caddis patterns will work just fine too. Try a tan or chocolate Caddis in sizes 14-16, PMDs and BWOs in 12-16.

Update: A good number of Drakes were spotted! One Green Drake in the mix but majority all Gray in color. Try a size 10 Green or Gray Drake if you see fish rising for them.


Streamers have been a lot of fun to fish. The fish have been very aggressive towards Sculpin patterns. We haven’t thrown any articulated patterns yet and have been sticking to the smaller stuff. Olive and Black have been the colors this week that have been getting fish to strike. Try those colors in smaller Sculpin patterns like a Zoo Cougar.


There is a lot of aquatic insect activity under rocks. You can’t miss the huge October Caddis Schucks all over the river bed! Golden Stone fly nymphs are also crawling around. The fish have plenty of options right now. We love starting with the San Juan Worm and dropping either a Hares Ear or Pheasant Tail below.

If those are not producing try using a Caddis Larva pattern or Stone Fly patterns like a Rubber Leg. Copper Johns, and Midge nymph patterns are excellent choices too.

With the water as low as it is, Nymphing might get frustrating with snags. Try any of the smaller nymphs listed above below a big hopper pattern or big Caddis.


The fishing is picking up and the fish are targeting a lot of resources right now. Don’t let the colder temperatures and bad weather discourage you from fishing dries. Fish are looking up and are paying attention to October Caddis too. We are seeing Drakes and October Caddis above Ricks Spring. Get up the Canyon and enjoy the mild temperatures before winter is here! 

FYI I spoke with a gentleman working the Cattle up Logan Canyon. He said the Cattle are working their way down close to the highway. Be very careful traveling and especially at night. They are congregating very close to the road and on the road at times.

Fishing Report: Logan River

September 18, 2017

It feels good to be back in Logan and back on the water. The cows blocking traffic and leaving pies everywhere can stop but they don’t listen. The river is fishing well and bugs are still plentiful. A good friend alerted me to some big bugs starting to hatch about a month ago. Our friend was spot on and October Caddis are starting to tease the eager trout below. Get your big bugs ready including those Streamers!

Dry Fly-Fishing

We are seeing Caddis and May Flies hovering over the river. May Fly Spinners (Rusty Spinners) are a great choice in the evening. Try a Rusty Spinner in sizes 16-12. PMDs and BWOs are great options for morning and day fishing. Try those patterns in sizes 16-12.

Caddis, try a tan or chocolate pattern in sizes 16-14. Now for the October Caddis, these things are huge! I saw one crawling on the ground and thought it was a Stone Fly! We have seen them above Ricks Spring. Keep a look out for these big Caddis. If you start to see fish rising aggressively, throw out a big stimulator or October Caddis in sizes 12-8.

Streamer Fishing

With fall upon us, Streamer fishing is going to really pick up. The Brown spawn is coming up and Brown’s can’t resist eliminating Sculpins out of their territory. Try smaller Sculpin patterns in Olive, Black and Brown in color. The Zoo Cougar is a great pattern to use. Butt Monkey is another excellent pattern. Articulated patterns: Boogie Man, Silk Kitty, and Sex Dungeons are great patterns as well.

Nymph Fly-Fishing

Nymphing is always a great idea. We love the trusty San Juan Worm and Hares Ear/ Pheasant Tail (size 16) combo. Give that combo a try or use the Hopper Dropper. Drop either a Hares Ear or Pheasant Tail 8 inches below your hopper. With the water as low as it is, that is a great approach to fish the Logan River right now.

I am happy to be back and happy to see the fishing hasn’t skipped a beat. With fall upon us, the fishing should only get better. Keep your eyes out for those big October Caddis! If you find fish rising for them, you are in for a treat. Streamer fishing is only going to get better as we get closer to the Brown spawn. Keep those Sculpin patterns handy. Enjoy the river and watch out for those cow pies!


P.S If you need custom flies, feel free to Contact us on our contact page. Nymphs, streamers, dries, you want it, we will tie it!

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