Fishing Report: Logan River August 15-20, 2017

Round two of Drakes has just begun. Gray Drakes! We noticed a few Drakes cruising down river over the weekend. We weren’t able to identify them until one decided to take a break, landing on our fly rod. And our assumption was correct, Gray Drakes are making their appearance. It reminded me of the Green Drake hatch. We saw a few a couple nights before the full on hatch. Get ready, full on hatch should be close.

The fishing has been very productive and the fish have plenty of options for food right now. Dries, Streamers, and nymphs are all getting fish. If you are fishing dries, Caddis and May Fly patterns have been very productive.

Dry Fly-Fishing

White/tan and Chocolate Caddis have been the go to fly with a PMD dropped off of it. We saw good action with a size 16 white/tan Caddis, with a size 12 PMD dropped 16 inches off of it. Chocolate Caddis size 12 were also great top flies to use with a PMD dropped off of it.

Blue Winged Olives and May Fly Cripple patterns, are great options too. Hoppers worked well over the weekend as well. We are still seeing a lot of Midges clustered together on the surface, so don’t forget those midge patterns!

Streamer Fishing

Streamers are still very consistent. Olive has been the color to use. That color in a Sculpin pattern has been getting a lot of fish to bite. We have also had fish go after grey/brown streamers. Yellow/brown is another great color to try on your patterns. Kill Whitey, Zoo Cougar, Barely Legal and Fat Head Sculpin patterns are all great options right now.

Nymph Fishing

Nymphing is another great approach. We have had luck with the Shop Vac, Golden Stone, Hares Ear and Pheasant Tail patterns. Try those dropped off a hopper or big Caddis. A full nymph rig is a great idea too just don’t forget that San Juan Worm up top!

The river is fishing well. The fish have a lot of options for food. They are about to have another option added to the Logan River dinner menu, Gray Drakes! Get ready for a full on hatch in the next couple days. We have seen a few the last couple days which leads me to believe the hatch is right around the corner. If you see a big moth flying down river, you have just spotted a Drake! Keep those big May Fly patterns handy (size 10) because once it’s on, you won’t be leaving that hole for a couple hours. Get ready for the long haul. Have a great week and go hit the river!

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