Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River August 13-14, 2017

Ok, we finally decided to go visit Blacksmith. It was kind of awkward at first, like running into an old Ex. The Logan has been fishing extremely well and we abandoned our first love….Blacksmith. Well she took us back again with open arms and provided great fishing!

Dry fly-fishing was very productive. Same as the Logan, Caddis and PMDs. Both those flies together as a combo worked very well. Big chocolate Caddis size 10-12 and smaller (size 14-16) White/tan Caddis. Caddis are great top flies to use and then dropping a bigger PMD behind it, size 10-12.

We are seeing the same consistency with streamers on the Blacksmith as well. Smaller bait fish and Sculpin patterns are working. Yellow/brown and olive are the two, go to colors. We have been fishing Kill Whiteys, Zoo Cougars and fat head Sculpin patterns. Try those colors out, in those patterns or something similar and get ready! The fish are very aggressive.

Nymphs are also producing great results. Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, and the Shop Vac are three great flies to throw right now. You can use either of these flies dropped below a bigger dry like a hopper or big Caddis. But if you decide to do a full nymph rig, don’t forget the San Juan as your top fly. Or, use whatever top fly you prefer. I just love that dang worm!

If you come across a run/hole that you know a fish is in and are not getting results, give those flies some life. Today, I was using a large Caddis as my top fly with a Shop Vac dropped 16 inches below the Caddis. I tossed those flies in a hole close to 15 times. All those times, I kept doing the same thing, dead drifting down the hole. On my last cast, I decided to drag my flies upstream to the top of the pocket. That ended up getting the job done and fooling an eager trout. It struck the Shop Vac, which must have thought it was a nymph emerging to the surface.

Don’t give up on holes and remember to try something different, if you are not getting results. I find myself a lot of time getting in a rhythm, fishing a hole, over and over the same way. Not getting results, until I change something like dragging my flies and then I get that strike. 

Make sure to give that fish multiple presentations to entice a strike. Fish will sometimes key in on movement. This will help sell your flies to a fish and make it more tempting.

I am grateful the Blacksmith allowed us back with open arms after we abandoned her. The fishing is very good right now. We were fishing below the turn off to Left Hand Fork. We also made our way up Left Hand and the Caddis/PMD combo worked great. The hopper dropper with either of the nymphs listed above worked great too! Both rivers are fishing extremely well and the fish have very similar appetites right now. Give those flies some life and get ready for the Free Willie’s!


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