Fishing Report: Logan River July 26 – August 12, 2017

It’s been hard to put the Green Drake fly patterns away. It seems the fish have changed their appetite and are not targeting them like they used to. That being said, other patterns are working very well and the fishing has been good.

Caddis and PMDs are great flies to use. Chocolate Caddis and white/tan Caddis, size 16-12 are getting fish. PMD patterns size 14-12 have been my favorite pattern the last couple days. Both flies are getting excellent reactions from fish and they work even better as a combo!

Try using a Chocolate Caddis size 16-14 as your top fly and drop a bigger PMD (size 14-12) behind it. That combo has been working well. Using a Caddis as your top fly is a great approach. It allows you to give your Caddis life while your dropper sits on the surface of the water.

Giving flies life/movement has been a very effective tool. When dead drifting isn’t getting reactions, try giving those flies some life. This has worked very well on the seams in the middle of the river. Throw those bugs in that seam and try to drag them lightly back up to the top of the run. Or, swing your flies across the run. Fish really tune in on movement at times and it helps make those flies look even more realistic and tempting.

Streamers have been the most consistent method these last few weeks. We have been fishing with smaller bait fish and Sculpin patterns. The fish have been staying consistent and striking olive and yellow/brown in color. Try a Kill Whitey, Zoo Cougar, Wooly Sculpin, Barely Legal and a JJ Special in those colors and get ready for that strike!

Nymphs have been another great method. Try a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Cooper John, Caddis Larva patterns (Green and Tan), Shop Vac, and Midges. And don’t forget my favorite top fly nymph, the San Juan Worm! Never doubt the Worm!

We have been seeing a lot of Golden Stone Fly nymphs making their way under rocks by the bank. Don’t hesitate to throw those bigger stone fly nymphs too. We have also seen a great Chocolate Caddis hatch later in the evening from 7:30 and into the night.

The Logan is still fishing well. The fish have plenty of options for food. If you are dry fly-fishing, try the Caddis and PMD combo. Give those flies some life if dead drifting isn’t producing. Streamers have been the most consistent. Olive and yellow/brown have been the go to color. With all the bugs loitering on the river, there is a lot of nymphs. Making their way to the surface or just clinging to the bottom. Try the flies mentioned above and get ready for that line to go tight! One last thing, do not forget your dry fly midge patterns!

If you are interested in flies, we would love to tie some up for you! Send us an email at

Have a great weekend and go catch that river hog!


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