Fishing Report: Logan River July 22-26, 2017

Streamers, big bugs, and small bugs. Whatever you fancy, the fish are feeding aggressively. We are still seeing some big hatches throughout the day and into the night.

Green Drakes are still coming off in the evening. We have seen some during the middle of the day as well. Caddis are plentiful right now, along with Blue Winged Olives and PMDs. Big midge hatches during the middle of the day and into the evening. You will see those tiny bugs clustered together, hovering right above the river.

The Caddis we are seeing are White/tan and dark brown in color. We have been fishing size 16-12 Caddis in both those colors. I really like to give my Caddis life by dragging it across the top of the surface (lightly). Also picking your Caddis up and dropping it back on the surface can entice a rise.

Caddis Emerger patterns are also great options! Iris Caddis or X Caddis are great patterns to use right now.

Blue Winged Olives, we have been fishing in sizes from 16-10 and of course those Drake patterns! The bigger the better!

I came across more picky trout. Can you guess what they wanted? The Midge! That is my secret weapon for those picky fish! I use a Goober Midge and Griffiths Gnat. Both great patterns I like to drop behind a Caddis, BWO or Yellow Sally.

I am still coming across Golden Stone Fly Schucks. Hoppers are jumping around which means don’t hesitate to throw the big bugs! We have had success with Chubby Chernobyls, River Walkers, and Brian’s favorite fly right now, Cat Puke! That fly is a size 4-6 dry fly and he has been doing well with it. GO BIG!

Streamers are working well too. We did well with smaller bait fish and Sculpin patterns.  Wooly Sculpins, Olive Zoo Cougars, Brown Trout bait fish, Kill Whitey Rainbows have been producing.

We noticed this last year on the Blacksmith during the summer. When the smaller dries are not producing, we would throw streamers. This would get fish to come up from the deeper seams or off the bank. We noticed that this past weekend and we got into a lot of players on the Logan.

During the middle of the day, fish are hunkering tight to the bank or down low, in the seams smack dab in the middle of the river. If you come across a slow time, go big. Put on a big hopper or a streamer and target those banks and seams.

The Logan is fishing extremely well and the fish are very active. They have plenty of options for food. Get up the canyon and throw some bugs! Deer are still congregating close to the road at night. Be extremely careful going through the canyon at night. Go slow and be Safe!

If you are interested in flies, feel free to contact us through our email We are going to start posting our flies for sale here shortly. Stay tuned!

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