Fishing Report: Logan River July 16-22, 2017

The fish on the upper Logan are getting overwhelmed with all the bugs in the air. So many choices for food right now, it’s making the fishing a lot of fun! Green Drakes are still coming off into the later part of the evening.

We are still seeing incredible hatches. May Flies, Caddis are taking over the river. We have seen Blue Winged Olives, PMDs, PMD Cripples, Rusty Spinners and of course the Green Drakes. So many May Fly patterns to choose from, they are all working well.

We have had success with a size 16 Blue Winged Olive. Yellow/cream PMD, size 16 has been a great fly too. As the evening progresses, we like to put on PMD Cripples or Rusty Spinners, when the May Flies start to die. The fish love those easy meals just floating on top of the surface!

The Green Drakes start to make their appearance around 8:30 and go late into the night. If you can stay out late, this is a real cool hatch to observe and the fishing is a lot of fun! They look like big moths over the river but that’s no moth, thats the Drake!

Caddis have been my favorite choice this week. We have had success with a white/tan size 16 Caddis. We have also used the same style caddis in a size 14 and 12. Caddis Emerger patterns have worked extremely well too. I like to use the emerger pattern as a dropper. Dropped behind a May Fly pattern or Caddis. Goddard Caddis have worked very well and we used a size 12 Goddard. 

After 9:30, you will start to feel a lot of bugs crawling on you. Big Bugs! They are Goddard Caddis and Chocolate Caddis. They are huge and from my guess a size 10-12. Don’t be afraid to throw big caddis during the day, because the fish do see big Caddis. 

The Bigger flies, like Hoppers, Chubbies and River Walkers are great options too. Hoppers are jumping around on the banks. We still see a lot of Golden Stone Fly shucks. The big flies are working very well and I love to use those flies mid day on the banks. Even throwing those flies in seams in the middle of the river, is a good way to get those trout to come up.

With all these bugs in the air, Nymphing is very effective. Try a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Midges and I almost forgot, the San Juan. This time of year, the Hopper Dropper is a lot of fun. 

Dropping either of those smaller Nymphs off of a hopper is a great approach. If a fish goes for your top fly, you will see it and if a fish goes for the nymph, use your top fly as an indicator. I drop a nymph 16 inches below my top fly with no weight in between. 

The upper Logan is fishing very well. The fish have numerous choices for food. There is a lot of choices to what fly to use but they are all working well. A good rig to start with is a Caddis (top fly) and dropping a Caddis Emerger behind it. I have had a lot of fun with that rig this week. Get up the Canyon and enjoy all these bugs. Embrace them crawling all over you!

P.S. The deer are still congregating by the road. Be very, very careful driving at night. Go slow and have a great weekend!


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