Fishing Report: Logan River July 14-15, 2017

Green Drakes, I repeat, Green Drakes! I noticed, two big looking moths Friday evening but deep down inside, I had a feeling it was a Drake. Yesterday we waded right into a Drake hatch and it reminded me of the Salmon Fly hatch on the Blacksmith. We fished late into the night and even saw Goddard Caddis! Lots of bugs on the Upper Logan right now and the fish are feasting.

We noticed the Green Drake later in the evening. Fish were starting to really target them around 8pm into the night. There is no mistaking the Green Drake. It is the largest May Fly and has a large profile on the water. If you start to see fish jumping out of the water, look for the Drakes!

We were using a larger Blue Winged Olive pattern, size 12-14, with a green body. The fish couldn’t resist it! Any large BWO or PMD should do the trick. We had luck on Caddis as well. We are still seeing a lot of White, Tan Caddis. Later into the night, we had large Goddard Caddis crawling on us. Try a White, Tan Caddis size 14-16. A chocolate Caddis, size 14 has worked well and a Goddard Caddis is another great option.

The big bugs were working and getting fish. Chubby Chernobyl and the River Walker (Salmon Fly) are two great patterns. I love fishing those during the heat of the day into the night. They are great flies to get fish hunkering down under shade and cover during the middle of the day. 

When the fishing slows down during the middle of the day, target those banks! I find a lot of fish taking advantage of the soft pockets, tight to the bank or under cover from bushes and trees. If you are Nymphing, target those deep runs where the fish are feeding down low.

If you start to see Green Drakes, stop whatever you are doing and tie a Drake on! You wont regret it and you might not leave that hole for a couple hours. Get ready for the long haul! We just noticed a couple Friday night and I imagine they will be active the next couple days. Get up the canyon and enjoy the Green Drake action!
P.S. There are a lot of deer congregating close to the road. Be careful driving through the canyon at night. I have had to stop for multiple deer in the middle of the road. Be safe and go slow!

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