Fishing Report: Logan River July 2-7, 2017

The fish can’t resist the big bugs! We have been fishing from 2nd Dam to Red Banks campground (closed until tomorrow, woohoo!) And all the fish are behaving similar. They can’t stop going for those big flies on top. We have seen some incredible hatches and the fishing is consistent throughout the river. Go throw some bugs!

We have seen a lot of Golden Stone Fly shucks throughout the canyon. I have seen some hoppers jumping around as well. The fishing has been consistent and very efficient with the bigger flies.

The Chubby Chernobyl (Golden Stone color) and River Walker have been the go to flies this week. Any big fly like a hopper or Salmon Fly will work. We even had fish eat the Cat Puke fly!

Caddis and May Flies are hatching and they have been big hatches. Yellow sallies are present as well. We have seen Caddis all throughout the day. Mayfly spinners are hovering over the river from late afternoon into the evening. The Caddis are light tan in color and small.  Try a small tan or white Caddis size 16-18. Blue Winged Olives, PMDs, or any spinner pattern will work just fine too. Yellow Sallies would be another great pattern to throw, to those eager trout. 

I have come across a few extremely picky trout. The ones being picky, went for a Griffiths Gnat (Midge Pattern). If you come across a picky trout not taking your fly. Try a Griffiths gnat, that has been my go to fly. 

Nymphing has been very effective as well. With all the hatching going on, Nymphing is a great option. Pheasant tails, Hares Ears, Copper John’s are great patterns to use. Drop those flies below a San Juan worm or below your big hopper/Chernobyl pattern. I like to drop those smaller nymphs 16-20 inches below my top fly. 

If you drop your nymph below your Hopper/Chernobyl pattern, weights are not necessary. I like to use weights in between the flies, when I’m fishing a San Juan followed by a dropper. Remember, adjusting your indicator height is another great way to get those flies where they need to be. I will find myself fishing a hole with no action. Adjust my indicator and get responses from fish. And of course those dang rocks! Find that depth where the fish will take your flies and have fun!

This weekend will be a great time to throw those big bugs! Try the Chubby Chernobyl or big hopper pattern and hang on! If you are fishing the big flies earlier in the day, fish them tight to the bank. We have noticed, early morning and early afternoon, fish are hanging out under shade and tight to the bank. They start making their way out into the river mid day and are actively feeding on the surface into the night. Look for them feeding on Caddis and Mayflies. They are being extremely casual this time of year and not being too picky eating. Have a great weekend everybody.


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