Fishing Report: Logan River July 1, 2017

It feels good to be back on the home rivers here in Cache Valley! Took a week vacation and the fishing here, is just as good as it was in Montana. A lot of bugs are hatching up Logan canyon right now and the fish are really tuned in on the big bugs. As well as the smaller Mayflies and Caddis. Get up the canyon ASAP, if you want to throw those top water bugs!

Above the dams, pass Camp Lomia, you will see Caddis, May Flies, and Yellow Sallies. They are all over the place and we got into a great Mayfly and Caddis hatch today. There are Golden Stone Fly shucks scattered throughout the upper Logan. Early in the day, we were fishing a large Golden Stone (River Walker) fly patter. The fish were not being shy about taking those big bugs off of the surface.

Later in the afternoon, we got into a Caddis and May Fly hatch. The Caddis are  light tan in color and small. I was fishing a Blue Winged Olive as my top fly, and dropped a size 16 Tan Caddis X behind it. Yellow Sallies are crawling and flying all over the place. A Yellow Sally would be a great fly as an attractor/top fly.

The big Golden Stone (River Walker) Fly pattern worked all day. Any large hopper, Chubby Chernobyl, Sofa Pillow pattern will work too. Earlier in the day, I noticed more action, where pockets were covered and had shade. Fish were hanging out tight to the bank early on but as the afternoon progressed, fish were moving away from the bank.

The water clarity has increased dramatically and spotting fish is becoming a lot easier. Before wading into the river, spot those fish hanging out in those pockets. Most of the fish we brought in today were from spot casting. Make sure to wait for that fish to take your fly completely! I have a hard time waiting and lose a lot of fish that way. Don’t be like me! And a lot of the fish I saw today were hanging out at the end of the pocket/run. When you cast into a pocket/run, make sure to let your flies cover the entire pocket. Wait for your flies to exit the run completely because a lot of the time, fish will hit flies at the last possible second. Be patient!

With all these bugs everywhere, nymphing is not a bad idea either. Hares Ears, Caddis Larvae, Pheasant Tails, Copper johns and of course, the San Juan Worm. All great choices right now, with all the hatching we are seeing.

The Logan is fishing very good right now and the fish have a lot of options for food. A lot of terrestrial insects flying around : Caddis, May Flies, Yellow Sallies and Golden Stones. Before wading into the river, observe those pockets and try to locate those fish. Clarity has increased and spot casting has become a lot easier. If you can watch a fish, observe what they are feeding on. Get up there and throw some bugs at those trout! Have a great weekend everybody.



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