Fishing Report: Logan River July 22-26, 2017

Streamers, big bugs, and small bugs. Whatever you fancy, the fish are feeding aggressively. We are still seeing some big hatches throughout the day and into the night.

Green Drakes are still coming off in the evening. We have seen some during the middle of the day as well. Caddis are plentiful right now, along with Blue Winged Olives and PMDs. Big midge hatches during the middle of the day and into the evening. You will see those tiny bugs clustered together, hovering right above the river.

The Caddis we are seeing are White/tan and dark brown in color. We have been fishing size 16-12 Caddis in both those colors. I really like to give my Caddis life by dragging it across the top of the surface (lightly). Also picking your Caddis up and dropping it back on the surface can entice a rise.

Caddis Emerger patterns are also great options! Iris Caddis or X Caddis are great patterns to use right now.

Blue Winged Olives, we have been fishing in sizes from 16-10 and of course those Drake patterns! The bigger the better!

I came across more picky trout. Can you guess what they wanted? The Midge! That is my secret weapon for those picky fish! I use a Goober Midge and Griffiths Gnat. Both great patterns I like to drop behind a Caddis, BWO or Yellow Sally.

I am still coming across Golden Stone Fly Schucks. Hoppers are jumping around which means don’t hesitate to throw the big bugs! We have had success with Chubby Chernobyls, River Walkers, and Brian’s favorite fly right now, Cat Puke! That fly is a size 4-6 dry fly and he has been doing well with it. GO BIG!

Streamers are working well too. We did well with smaller bait fish and Sculpin patterns.  Wooly Sculpins, Olive Zoo Cougars, Brown Trout bait fish, Kill Whitey Rainbows have been producing.

We noticed this last year on the Blacksmith during the summer. When the smaller dries are not producing, we would throw streamers. This would get fish to come up from the deeper seams or off the bank. We noticed that this past weekend and we got into a lot of players on the Logan.

During the middle of the day, fish are hunkering tight to the bank or down low, in the seams smack dab in the middle of the river. If you come across a slow time, go big. Put on a big hopper or a streamer and target those banks and seams.

The Logan is fishing extremely well and the fish are very active. They have plenty of options for food. Get up the canyon and throw some bugs! Deer are still congregating close to the road at night. Be extremely careful going through the canyon at night. Go slow and be Safe!

If you are interested in flies, feel free to contact us through our email We are going to start posting our flies for sale here shortly. Stay tuned!

Fishing Report: Logan River July 16-22, 2017

The fish on the upper Logan are getting overwhelmed with all the bugs in the air. So many choices for food right now, it’s making the fishing a lot of fun! Green Drakes are still coming off into the later part of the evening.

We are still seeing incredible hatches. May Flies, Caddis are taking over the river. We have seen Blue Winged Olives, PMDs, PMD Cripples, Rusty Spinners and of course the Green Drakes. So many May Fly patterns to choose from, they are all working well.

We have had success with a size 16 Blue Winged Olive. Yellow/cream PMD, size 16 has been a great fly too. As the evening progresses, we like to put on PMD Cripples or Rusty Spinners, when the May Flies start to die. The fish love those easy meals just floating on top of the surface!

The Green Drakes start to make their appearance around 8:30 and go late into the night. If you can stay out late, this is a real cool hatch to observe and the fishing is a lot of fun! They look like big moths over the river but that’s no moth, thats the Drake!

Caddis have been my favorite choice this week. We have had success with a white/tan size 16 Caddis. We have also used the same style caddis in a size 14 and 12. Caddis Emerger patterns have worked extremely well too. I like to use the emerger pattern as a dropper. Dropped behind a May Fly pattern or Caddis. Goddard Caddis have worked very well and we used a size 12 Goddard. 

After 9:30, you will start to feel a lot of bugs crawling on you. Big Bugs! They are Goddard Caddis and Chocolate Caddis. They are huge and from my guess a size 10-12. Don’t be afraid to throw big caddis during the day, because the fish do see big Caddis. 

The Bigger flies, like Hoppers, Chubbies and River Walkers are great options too. Hoppers are jumping around on the banks. We still see a lot of Golden Stone Fly shucks. The big flies are working very well and I love to use those flies mid day on the banks. Even throwing those flies in seams in the middle of the river, is a good way to get those trout to come up.

With all these bugs in the air, Nymphing is very effective. Try a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Midges and I almost forgot, the San Juan. This time of year, the Hopper Dropper is a lot of fun. 

Dropping either of those smaller Nymphs off of a hopper is a great approach. If a fish goes for your top fly, you will see it and if a fish goes for the nymph, use your top fly as an indicator. I drop a nymph 16 inches below my top fly with no weight in between. 

The upper Logan is fishing very well. The fish have numerous choices for food. There is a lot of choices to what fly to use but they are all working well. A good rig to start with is a Caddis (top fly) and dropping a Caddis Emerger behind it. I have had a lot of fun with that rig this week. Get up the Canyon and enjoy all these bugs. Embrace them crawling all over you!

P.S. The deer are still congregating by the road. Be very, very careful driving at night. Go slow and have a great weekend!


Fishing Report: Logan River July 14-15, 2017

Green Drakes, I repeat, Green Drakes! I noticed, two big looking moths Friday evening but deep down inside, I had a feeling it was a Drake. Yesterday we waded right into a Drake hatch and it reminded me of the Salmon Fly hatch on the Blacksmith. We fished late into the night and even saw Goddard Caddis! Lots of bugs on the Upper Logan right now and the fish are feasting.

We noticed the Green Drake later in the evening. Fish were starting to really target them around 8pm into the night. There is no mistaking the Green Drake. It is the largest May Fly and has a large profile on the water. If you start to see fish jumping out of the water, look for the Drakes!

We were using a larger Blue Winged Olive pattern, size 12-14, with a green body. The fish couldn’t resist it! Any large BWO or PMD should do the trick. We had luck on Caddis as well. We are still seeing a lot of White, Tan Caddis. Later into the night, we had large Goddard Caddis crawling on us. Try a White, Tan Caddis size 14-16. A chocolate Caddis, size 14 has worked well and a Goddard Caddis is another great option.

The big bugs were working and getting fish. Chubby Chernobyl and the River Walker (Salmon Fly) are two great patterns. I love fishing those during the heat of the day into the night. They are great flies to get fish hunkering down under shade and cover during the middle of the day. 

When the fishing slows down during the middle of the day, target those banks! I find a lot of fish taking advantage of the soft pockets, tight to the bank or under cover from bushes and trees. If you are Nymphing, target those deep runs where the fish are feeding down low.

If you start to see Green Drakes, stop whatever you are doing and tie a Drake on! You wont regret it and you might not leave that hole for a couple hours. Get ready for the long haul! We just noticed a couple Friday night and I imagine they will be active the next couple days. Get up the canyon and enjoy the Green Drake action!
P.S. There are a lot of deer congregating close to the road. Be careful driving through the canyon at night. I have had to stop for multiple deer in the middle of the road. Be safe and go slow!

Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River July 12-13, 2017

We have been on a Logan River bender recently but finally took some time to show the Blacksmith some love. I couldn’t believe how low it is from just a few months ago. Wading is very manageable now and crossing the river isn’t a struggle (Lower Section). Clarity is very good and spotting fish is getting easier. And the fish have a similar appetite as their Logan River neighbors, Big bugs and the small bugs!

The big dry flies are working very well. The Chubby Chernobyl, River Walker were both getting great reactions. I stumbled upon a few picky brown trout that showed some interest to my Caddis and Blue Winged Olive. I changed to the bigger flies (Chubby, River Walker) and got the fish to take the fly. Don’t hesitate to go bigger if you are not getting fish to take those smaller flies!

Any big hopper, Salmon Fly, Golden Stone Fly pattern will work just fine. Sofa Pillows, Chubby Chernobyl, and River Walkers are great flies to use right now.

Caddis and Blue Winged Olives were working well too. We were using a size 16 Blue Winged Olive dropped with a light tan/white Caddis size 16. Both flies worked very well. I did see some chocolate Caddis flying around. A Chocolate Caddis would be another great option. Blue Winged Olives, PMDs, PMD cripples are all great options to mimic the May Flies hovering around the river.

With bugs in the air, nymphing is another great approach. Cutthroats are spawning on the Blacksmith as well. An Egg pattern, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Caddis Larvae patterns, are all great options. And you know whats next, dont forget the San Juan Worm! Or any good attractor pattern as your top fly. Rubber legs, and the San Juan Worm are great attractors. Or using an Egg pattern as your top fly and dropping either a: Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John behind that is a good setup.

Both rivers are fishing very well. If you decide to fish the Blacksmith, don’t forget your big bugs! The fish are not being too picky and are aggressively feeding on a lot of flies that float past their mouth. If you are fishing in the heat of the day, target those banks. Fish like to hang out under cover and by shade if they can. Target those pockets tight to the bank with your dry fly set up. Nymphing, target those runs in the middle of the river. In the middle of the day, they will also hunker down low in those deeper runs. Get up the canyon and throw those big bugs! And it’s Friday, woohoo! Have a great weekend.

Fishing Report: Logan River July 7-9, 2017

The Logan is fishing very well and the fish have a lot of options for food. We have seen incredible Caddis and May Fly hatches. Yellow sallies throughout the canyon and Golden Stone Fly shucks scattered on the banks. It’s a great time to Fish!

We fished the big bugs this weekend (Chubby Chernobyl, River Walker) and had success. Light tan/ White size 16 Caddis were very effective. The bigger Caddis got fish as well. I had good luck on a size 14 Chocolate Caddis.

May Flies are also making their presence known. Blue Winged Olives, PMDs, and PMD cripples, size 16 worked very well. 

Yellow Sallies are crawling around and are another great fly to use. I like to use a Yellow Sally as an attractor pattern and drop a BWO or Caddis behind it. I did see some midge hatches up Franklin Basin and my go to fly for picky trout is a Griffiths Gnat. If you find a trout not taking your May Fly patterns, Caddis, Yellow Sally, try the Gnat. That has been the code cracker!

With all these bugs in the air, Nymphing is a great way to get those fish looking for an easy meal. It has been fairly warm these past few days and Nymphing has been effective, to get those trout cooling off in the deeper runs. Try a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Caddis Larvae patterns and of course the San Juan!

Streamer fishing was getting great reactions from fish. The smaller Sculpin patterns were working very well. We had luck with an Olive Zoo Cougar. Any small Sculpin pattern will work great. Try using Olive, Yellow, Black and natural in color.

Fishing has been great throughout the day but mid day is definitely slower. Targeting fish is key because they are hanging tight to the banks, under cover or in deeper runs/pockets. This is where I like to use a Chubby or big hopper pattern and target the banks. It has worked very well to entice those trout taking a break. Nymphing is very effective in the heat of the day. Targeting those deep runs in the middle of the river.

There are a lot of great ways to get fish on the Logan right now. The fish have a lot of options for food and are not being shy about eating whatever comes in front of them. Get up the canyon and fish whatever you enjoy, because the fish are not being picky! We have had luck from: between 3rd/2nd dam, all the way up to Franklin Basin. Get up the canyon and go throw some bugs! Have a great week.

Fishing Report: Logan River July 2-7, 2017

The fish can’t resist the big bugs! We have been fishing from 2nd Dam to Red Banks campground (closed until tomorrow, woohoo!) And all the fish are behaving similar. They can’t stop going for those big flies on top. We have seen some incredible hatches and the fishing is consistent throughout the river. Go throw some bugs!

We have seen a lot of Golden Stone Fly shucks throughout the canyon. I have seen some hoppers jumping around as well. The fishing has been consistent and very efficient with the bigger flies.

The Chubby Chernobyl (Golden Stone color) and River Walker have been the go to flies this week. Any big fly like a hopper or Salmon Fly will work. We even had fish eat the Cat Puke fly!

Caddis and May Flies are hatching and they have been big hatches. Yellow sallies are present as well. We have seen Caddis all throughout the day. Mayfly spinners are hovering over the river from late afternoon into the evening. The Caddis are light tan in color and small.  Try a small tan or white Caddis size 16-18. Blue Winged Olives, PMDs, or any spinner pattern will work just fine too. Yellow Sallies would be another great pattern to throw, to those eager trout. 

I have come across a few extremely picky trout. The ones being picky, went for a Griffiths Gnat (Midge Pattern). If you come across a picky trout not taking your fly. Try a Griffiths gnat, that has been my go to fly. 

Nymphing has been very effective as well. With all the hatching going on, Nymphing is a great option. Pheasant tails, Hares Ears, Copper John’s are great patterns to use. Drop those flies below a San Juan worm or below your big hopper/Chernobyl pattern. I like to drop those smaller nymphs 16-20 inches below my top fly. 

If you drop your nymph below your Hopper/Chernobyl pattern, weights are not necessary. I like to use weights in between the flies, when I’m fishing a San Juan followed by a dropper. Remember, adjusting your indicator height is another great way to get those flies where they need to be. I will find myself fishing a hole with no action. Adjust my indicator and get responses from fish. And of course those dang rocks! Find that depth where the fish will take your flies and have fun!

This weekend will be a great time to throw those big bugs! Try the Chubby Chernobyl or big hopper pattern and hang on! If you are fishing the big flies earlier in the day, fish them tight to the bank. We have noticed, early morning and early afternoon, fish are hanging out under shade and tight to the bank. They start making their way out into the river mid day and are actively feeding on the surface into the night. Look for them feeding on Caddis and Mayflies. They are being extremely casual this time of year and not being too picky eating. Have a great weekend everybody.


Fishing Report: Logan River July 1, 2017

It feels good to be back on the home rivers here in Cache Valley! Took a week vacation and the fishing here, is just as good as it was in Montana. A lot of bugs are hatching up Logan canyon right now and the fish are really tuned in on the big bugs. As well as the smaller Mayflies and Caddis. Get up the canyon ASAP, if you want to throw those top water bugs!

Above the dams, pass Camp Lomia, you will see Caddis, May Flies, and Yellow Sallies. They are all over the place and we got into a great Mayfly and Caddis hatch today. There are Golden Stone Fly shucks scattered throughout the upper Logan. Early in the day, we were fishing a large Golden Stone (River Walker) fly patter. The fish were not being shy about taking those big bugs off of the surface.

Later in the afternoon, we got into a Caddis and May Fly hatch. The Caddis are  light tan in color and small. I was fishing a Blue Winged Olive as my top fly, and dropped a size 16 Tan Caddis X behind it. Yellow Sallies are crawling and flying all over the place. A Yellow Sally would be a great fly as an attractor/top fly.

The big Golden Stone (River Walker) Fly pattern worked all day. Any large hopper, Chubby Chernobyl, Sofa Pillow pattern will work too. Earlier in the day, I noticed more action, where pockets were covered and had shade. Fish were hanging out tight to the bank early on but as the afternoon progressed, fish were moving away from the bank.

The water clarity has increased dramatically and spotting fish is becoming a lot easier. Before wading into the river, spot those fish hanging out in those pockets. Most of the fish we brought in today were from spot casting. Make sure to wait for that fish to take your fly completely! I have a hard time waiting and lose a lot of fish that way. Don’t be like me! And a lot of the fish I saw today were hanging out at the end of the pocket/run. When you cast into a pocket/run, make sure to let your flies cover the entire pocket. Wait for your flies to exit the run completely because a lot of the time, fish will hit flies at the last possible second. Be patient!

With all these bugs everywhere, nymphing is not a bad idea either. Hares Ears, Caddis Larvae, Pheasant Tails, Copper johns and of course, the San Juan Worm. All great choices right now, with all the hatching we are seeing.

The Logan is fishing very good right now and the fish have a lot of options for food. A lot of terrestrial insects flying around : Caddis, May Flies, Yellow Sallies and Golden Stones. Before wading into the river, observe those pockets and try to locate those fish. Clarity has increased and spot casting has become a lot easier. If you can watch a fish, observe what they are feeding on. Get up there and throw some bugs at those trout! Have a great weekend everybody.



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