Fishing Report: Logan River June 17-22, 2017

Its getting hot here in the valley and the fishing is heating up too! The Logan is fishing very consistent. The fish are looking up for all sorts of terrestrial insects. These insects have no idea what lurks beneath them as they hover or frantically skim the surface! Golden Stone flies are making their appearance above the dams, above camp Lomia. Keep your eye on these Stone Flies crawling around and flying through the air.

The dry fly fishing has been a lot of fun this week. We have had a lot of luck using the Sofa Pillow Golden Stone fly pattern. Fish have been looking and striking our Salmon Fly patterns too. But if you have a Golden Stone pattern, use that! We are using a size 10 Sofa Pillow. Any hopper pattern, Chubby Chernobyl pattern should work just fine.

We have noticed a lot of midge hatches. I came across a couple picky trout targeting these small terrestrial flies. They didn’t even pay attention to that big obnoxious fly floating right over their heads! After casting into the pocket three times, and no looks or strikes. I knew it was time to change up and I went to the Griffiths Gnat. That did the trick and I was lucky enough to land a Brown out of the pocket.

If you come across picky trout, observe the insects hovering over the water. When fish are targeting a certain insect, that is usually the only thing they are craving at that time. Try switching your flies until you find out what that fish is craving. It does take a little more time but it is worth it!

Streamers have been a lot of fun this week too. The Olive Zoo Cougar and White/Olive Barely Legal are getting fish. If you are fishing streamers, try those smaller single hook Sculpin streamer patterns in: Olive, Yellow, Natural. Bait Fish patterns, try those same colors and don’t be afraid to throw those articulated bait fish patterns. Fish have been striking those bigger flies too.

Nymphs, you can start the broken record once again…The San Juan Worm is a must have on your rig. Dropping a Hares Ear, or Pheasant tail (size 16) 16-20 inches below your top fly is a great idea for a dropper. Copper Johns and Rubber Legs are great options too.

The Logan is fishing really good right now. Water clarity is increasing and runoff is definitely tapering off. The dry fly action is great above Camp Lomia and below Red Banks. You can see a lot of the fish, right on the bank! Before you jump in the river, look for those casual trout on the bank, and spot cast to them! Try those bigger dry fly patterns like the sofa pillow and get ready for a strike. Try those Sculpin and big bait fish patterns if you are streamer fishing. Never doubt the worm if you are nymph fishing! Have a great weekend everybody.


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