Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River June 11-12, 2017

Bugs are in the air, everywhere I look around. The river blessed us with a terrific Salmon Fly hatch and now we are experiencing a great Golden Stone Fly hatch. Right now, we are flipping a coin to pick which river to fish here in the valley. Both the Logan and Blacksmith Rivers are fishing extremely well. If you missed the Salmon Fly Hatch, you are in luck because the fish are still targeting big dry flies on the Blacksmith.

We have noticed Golden Stones by the mouth of the canyon. The fish are behaving just like they were when the Salmon Flies were out and about. They are taking any chance to grab that big fly off of the surface.

We tried the Sofa Pillow once again and the fish were falling for it. The Sofa Pillow is a great fly to throw at them right now. If you fish the Blacksmith this week, try those Salmon Fly patterns that you might have packed away. The fish are not done with them yet! Try any Golden Stone Fly pattern as well. We have seen a variety of sizes (10, 12, 16 hook sizes).

With this cold front coming in, trying a dropper below your Salmon Fly/Golden Stone Fly pattern is a great option. Try dropping a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail 16-20 inches below that big bug on top. Yesterday was colder than it has been as of late but the fish were still going for the Sofa Pillow on top. I wouldn’t be too concerned with the colder temperatures but if you are not getting action on top try the dropper.

We did see some action on streamers. Olive and Black seem to be colors getting reactions out of fish. Try Olive and Black in baitfish or Sculpin patterns. Small single hook patterns have been working really well over the articulated recently. If you are fishing articulated streamers and are getting a lot of action but not getting fish in. Try sizing down and use the same color/pattern. We have noticed, when we get a lot of action but no fish on, we tried sizing down to a smaller fly. This ended up getting fish to hook up and take the fly completely. Try that out next time you are seeing fish just toying with your fly.

The fishing is really good up Blacksmith right now. If you enjoyed the Salmon Fly hatch, well round 2 is back again with Golden Stones! Get up there and try some more big dry fly hopper patterns. Salmon Fly patterns like the Sofa Pillow are working great. Try any Golden Stone Fly patterns as well, we have seen a variety of sizes of Golden Stones flying around. Get up there and throw some big bugs! Have a great week.


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