Fishing Report: Logan River June 5-10, 2017

Will runoff ever end!? The river is still running high, and swift which makes perfect conditions to hook into some hungry trout. The water clarity is increasing and the fishing has been very consistent. Nymphing and streamers have been the go to methods this week and have been getting fish.

Nymphing has been a lot of fun this week. If you locate a long calm run, toss in! You will get into a lot of fish, stacking up and taking advantage of all that food coming down to them easily. The San Juan Worm is a must have on your rig. Dropping either a Hares Ear or Pheasant tail is a great choice for a dropper. A Pats Rubber Leg is another great option as your top fly. Copper Johns would be another good option as a dropper on your rig.

Streamers are working very well right now because a lot of the pockets that fish are hanging out in, are very tight to the bank. Its hard to present Nymphs in these tight pockets and streamers are a great alternative. We are using small single hook streamer patterns. Small bait fish and Sculpin patterns are getting fish. The Olive Zoo Cougar has been the go to fly this week. We have seen a lot of action from an array of colors. We have been seeing action on: Olive, Natural, Yellow. Rotate through these colors and your different patterns until you crack the streamer code!

If you want to try some dry fly action, try small Caddis, Blue Winged Olives, Griffiths Gnat, or a Goober Midge. We have seen a lot of Midge hatches on the surface and if you spot a really calm body of water, try those flies out.

Despite the high, swift water, the Logan has been fishing extremely well. Runoff is a fun time to fish because the fish are sitting back and indulging themselves in all that food coming to them. Don’t be discouraged by the river, find those pockets and fish’em! The fish are not being too picky at the moment, get out there and fish! Have a wonderful Sunday.


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