Fishing Report: Logan River June 2, 2017

Runoff part II! When we heard the Logan River would be even higher than it was just a month ago, we didn’t believe it. Well we were wrong and it is extremely rough. It is about 1350 CFS right now and with that being said, the fishing is very good. If you go up the canyon this weekend, be extremely careful. We were just fishing from the bank mostly and when I did get in, it was in areas I feel comfortable in.

Runoff can be intimidating but don’t let it be! Runoff is our favorite time to fish because fish are indulging themselves, with all the food coming down river. When the  river is muddy, it can be hard to believe fish can see your tiny fly. Fish can see just fine and don’t let that discourage you. You don’t need a big fly to get their attention when it is muddy. A lot of the pockets we fish are right off of the bank.

Look for those soft pockets where fish can feed and ambush prey. With runoff, fish are going to be stacked up in all sorts of holes, so any calm pocket you see, fish it! Streamer fishing and nymphing is a great way to fish right now.

We saw a lot of good action on the trusty San Juan Worm and Pheasant tail. Never doubt that simple worm! I had my Pheasant Tail dropped about 16 inches below my San Juan. Hares Ears, Copper Johns and Rubber Legs are all great options to fish right now.

During runoff, my go to streamer is a yellow bait fish/Sculpin pattern. When it is bright and sunny like today is (June 3, 2017), I like to throw black streamers. Rotate through your colors and streamer patterns until you crack that code. Streamer fishing during runoff is very exciting!

I did notice a lot of midge flies hovering all over the river yesterday. If you want to try throwing dries, try a Goober Midge or Griffiths Gnat. Blue Winged Olives or a Royal Chubby are great options too. Look for really calm pockets to try the those midge patterns on.

The Logan River is the highest we have seen it this year so far but don’t let that stop you from fishing! Runoff is a great time to fish because the fish are taking advantage of all that easy food coming down river. Fish can see just fine through that muddy water. With that being said, be extremely careful. Stick to the banks and try to stay out of the river if you can. I only got in where I felt comfortable. Be careful out there and enjoy this beautiful Saturday.



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