Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 27-31, 2017 & June 1, 2017

Even though the Salmon Fly hatch is over, fish are still rising for Salmon Fly patterns. The fishing has been very consistent and I don’t see it slowing down. By the mouth of the canyon, the river is beginning to settle down to wadable conditions. This weekend will be a great time to throw big dry flies!

We haven’t seen any Salmon Flies in the trees or flying through the air down by the mouth of the canyon. Even though they aren’t present, fish are still grabbing Salmon Fly patterns off of the surface. We have noticed great action on the Sofa Pillow pattern early in the morning and into the evening. Other Salmon Fly patterns are working too but the Sofa Pillow has been very successful. Remember to cover the entire pocket with your fly and wait till it exits the hole completely! They love to strike the fly right at the end of the run.

We have been getting a mixture of immediate and delayed strikes. At the peak of the hatch, fish weren’t even thinking about what that big ugly fly was on top of the surface. Some pockets we come across, the fish are definitely taking their sweet time. It can take up to a dozen cast to get the fish to strike and really its just presenting it right. Be patient and make sure to present that fly in different ways. Its interesting spot casting to a fish and seeing what will get them to strike. I will throw a fly directly on top of its head and get nothing but get a reaction when I present it just off to the side. Try to present that fly in different areas of the hole and be patient! That greedy trout will strike!

We have had success on streamers this week. The olive Zoo Cougar has been the go to streamer. Smaller streamer patterns have been working well and Sculpin patterns are getting fish. If you are using articulated streamers and are seeing a lot of action but not getting fish. Try sizing down to a single hook streamer pattern. We have noticed recently sizing down has been a great option, when fish are just being aggressive and not striking to kill.

Nymphs are also working well. Pats Rubber leg has been getting fish as well as Copper johns. Hares Ears, Pheasant tails, and San Juan Worms are all great options. If you want to cover both areas of the water, try the Hopper Dropper. Drop either a: Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, or Copper john about 16 inches below your Salmon Fly/Hopper.

The fishing has been great on the Blacksmith. Fish are still tuned in on Salmon Flies and the Sofa Pillow has been the go to pattern this week. Wading is becoming a lot easier but still be very careful. If you missed the peak of the Salmon Fly hatch, try fishing early in the morning and into the evening. Mid day fishing has been good but the best action on the Salmon Fly patterns, has been morning/evening. Have a great Friday and hope to see you on the river.


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