Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 23-26, 2017

This years Salmon Fly hatch is behaving much different than last years. Last year, we really only had one good day of fishing Salmon Flies. This year, it is lasting almost a week! The fishing has definitely slowed down compared to earlier this week. But, fish are still targeting those big flies and are trying to stuff as many as they can, in their bellies.

Earlier this week, the fish were taking any opportunity to grab a big fly off of the surface. These past couple days has been a different story and we have noticed good action early in the morning and into the evening. Earlier in the week, we also noticed quicker reactions. These past few days it has taken more cast to entice a strike. Giving life to your fly is also a great way to get a fish to grab your fly.

Presentation is key right now and also giving your fly movement. Try to present that fly in different areas of the pocket. Start low in the pocket and work your way up. Giving your fly life by dragging it lightly across the surface has gotten some aggressive strikes. Dragging it down stream into the rapids or dragging it up stream has gotten fish to jump. Also letting your fly be submerged is not a bad thing either. A lot of the strikes we have seen, have been when the fly has been submerged.

The hopper dropper is a great way to target fish that are looking for terrestrials or aquatic insects. Try dropping a: Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, 16 inches below your Salmon Fly/Hopper. This has been a great alternative this week when the fish are getting picky and want choices.

Left Hand Fork fished well yesterday. It is very busy because of the long weekend crowds and it is very hard to find anywhere to park. We were using Salmon Fly patterns and had good action. But be aware, it is very busy up there! If you missed out on the Salmon Fly action earlier this week, get out there ASAP! Fish are still targeting those big dry flies and are still gorging themselves from the mouth of the canyon to Shenoah camp ground. Have a great weekend and go fish!


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