Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 20-22

Salmon Flies are everywhere and fish are taking any opportunity to grab them off of the surface of the water. We noticed the Salmon flies from the mouth of the canyon to Shenoah camp ground. It was a slow start yesterday but the fishing really picked up in afternoon, into the evening. If you have been waiting to throw big dry flies, its time to get out there! This is a great week to take a sick day from work.

We were using a variety of Salmon Fly patterns. The Sofa Pillow pattern was working very well. Any big hopper or Chernobyl pattern will do the trick.

We noticed a lot of the strikes we were getting from fish were right at the end of the run. When I went to pull my fly out of the water to cast, I had a strike. Be patient and wait for that fly to exit the pocket completely. And make sure to cover the entire pocket. Sometimes it takes getting that presentation just right. Lightly dragging Salmon Fly patterns across the surface of the water is also a great way to entice a strike!

With the river still running high, the fish are holding in any pockets they can get. A lot of these pockets have rough water and make it difficult to keep that fly above the surface of the water. I like to high stick my fly just like high stick nymphing. Once your fly hits the water, lift your rod up. This will help keep your fly on top of the water when the current is trying to bring it below the surface. We have been getting strikes when the fly gets submerged as well but I love seeing fish take the fly when its on top.

With the tighter pockets right now because of higher water, I get caught in trees constantly. When I get caught in a tree or brush, I like to check the strength in my leader to fly connection. I have lost many flies when I wouldn’t check my leader strength. If you get caught in a tree, test that strength in your line before casting to a fish. It is very frustrating losing flies to a fish!

This is a great time to fish, get up there ASAP! Be safe and have fun.


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