Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 16-19, 2017

The river is still dropping in water height.  Clarity is increasing, more holes are visible and the Salmon Flies are itching to hatch. The fishing has been great and the fish are extremely active. Nymphing, streamers and dries are all getting strikes from fish.

Streamers have been working great this week. Colors we are rotating through are: Black, White, Yellow, and Olive. The patterns we are using are the: Sex Dungeon, Zoo Cougar, Peanut Envy, Barely Legal. Try these Sculpin/baitfish patterns and hook that streamer chaser!

Target those fish! We have noticed, a lot of the strikes we get from streamers, are right off of the bank. Look for undercuts and calm pockets where they can rest/ambush prey. Remember, they do not need much from a hole. Look for those calm pockets and runs.

Nymphing has been producing fish and getting numbers. The San Juan Worm and Hares Ear are a great choice right now. Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns are also working well. With Salmon Flies making their way to the banks, Stone Fly nymphs are also a great choice. Remember, search for that correct depth to find where the fish are feeding. If you are not getting strikes, experiment with weights and your indicator height.

There are a lot of flies in the air up Blacksmith right now. We have seen May Flies, Caddis, Golden Stones, and midge hatches. We are anxiously waiting for the Salmon Fly hatch. They are making their way to the bank and itching to hatch.

If you are looking for Salmon Flies, look for their shucks on the banks. You will see their shucks on trees, rock, and grass right by the bank. Look for them crawling on the grass and even crawling on you! And of course, keep your eye in the sky for them flying around. The Salmon Fly hatch is a great time to fish, stay tuned!

Blacksmith is really starting to settle down and return to its normal self. The fishing has been very good and all techniques are getting fish. If streamer fishing, try baitfish and Sculpin patterns. Black, white, yellow, and olive are great colors to use for those patterns. Nymphing has been a great route to take and the San Juan Worm, Hares Ear combo is a great choice for your setup. Dry fly-fishing has been a lot of fun. Try Blue Winged Olives, and a Griffiths Gnat. The Yellow Sally has been a great attractor pattern to use for a dry fly setup.

Have a great weekend everybody! Also, be careful driving through Blacksmith Fork Canyon at night. There are a lot of deer congregating on the road. Go slow and be safe.


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