Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 14-15, 2017

The river is getting lower, clarity is increasing, and more holes are becoming visible. The fishing has been great the last couple of days for every technique/style. Nymphing, streamers and dries are getting fish.

The streamer bite has really picked up! The black Peanut Envy (Articulated) and olive Zoo Cougar are getting fish to strike. We have seen really aggressive strikes at these flies. Target those banks, and undercuts. We have seen a lot of the streamer chasers coming straight off the bank. Chuck that streamer and hook that eager trout!

Nymphing has been very consistent. The trusty San Juan Worm has been the winner. We have had some luck on Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns. The fish have really tuned in on the worm and is a must have on your rig. Never doubt the worm!

Dry fly fishing has been incredible. I have noticed fly hatches later in the evening. I haven’t seen many May flies or Caddis but I have noticed Midge hatches. That being said, I have added a Griffiths Gnat to my setup. Both the Gnat and Crippled Blue Winged Olive have been working great.

I have been using a Yellow Sally as my attractor pattern. Try a Yellow Sally followed by either the Griffiths Gnat or Crippled Blue Winged olive. I have been dropping these two flies about 10 inches from the Sally.

Another thing I have noticed, is I will either get action quickly or have to cast a dozen or more times! If you do not get action right away, keep at it. It might take getting that presentation just right or mimicking a hatch. Don’t give up! Fool that greedy, sipping, jumping trout!

Fishing has been very good on the Blacksmith. The river is starting to settle down and clarity is increasing. Get out there and try whatever technique you enjoy most. Nymphing, streamers and dry flies are working great. If streamer fishing, try a black or olive bait fish and Sculpin pattern. Nymphing, try a: Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John. Don’t forget the San Juan! Fish have really tuned in on Crippled Blue Winged Olives and the Griffiths gnat in the evenings. Try those patterns if you are searching for the jumpers. Have a great day and if you are like me…pray for no more snow!


We are fishing just below Hardware Ranch

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