Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 13, 2017

Fish are getting jumpy up Blacksmith. Fishing was slow on the nymphing and streamer end but dries came in to save the day. It was windy at first yesterday and I didn’t see many flies. But once the wind died down, and it started to warm up, I noticed a lot of Mayflies. What caught my eye was a Brown trout sipping on flies right in front of me! Of course it didn’t want what I was throwing at it but I noticed what it was eating. It was eating crippled May flies.

I rotated through a bunch of different dry fly patterns but the winner was a Yellow Sally and Blue Winged Olive Cripple. I had the Yellow Sally as my attractor fly, followed by a Blue Winged Olive Cripple pattern. I had it about 10 inches dropped off the Yellow Sally. We got a fish to take a Chubby Chernobyl as well. So don’t be afraid to toss those big flies!

Again, target those trout! With runoff, Trout are hanging out in all sorts of holes. If you see any calm pocket, fish it! Trout don’t need a lot of room to ambush prey or rest. A lot of the time we are fishing from the bank nowadays and dropping our fly directly above the hole. Dry flies are great for this and streamers.

The streamer bite was slow yesterday but we had luck on Black (Sculpin and Bait Fish patterns). We noticed fish reacting to a more aggressive retrieve. Experiment with both fast and slow retrieves. Nymphing was slow as well but the trusty San Juan worm came through!

If fishing dry flies, wait till your flies clear the pocket. Yesterday, my flies made their way close to the bank and when I went to pull my flies out of the water, I missed a fish. They really like to strike dry flies especially, right at the end of the run or right up on the bank. Be patient and wait for those flies to exit the pocket completely.

Remember to tell your Mom how great she is today! And if you are fishing today, go try some dries up Blacksmith!


We are fishing just below Hardware Ranch

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