Fishing Report: Logan River May 8-12, 2017

Its starting to feel like Summer here in Logan! With that being said, all that snow from this past Winter has to go somewhere…and its flowing right into the Logan. Don’t let this discourage you because the fishing has been very good. Just target those fish getting cozy!

Streamers have been our go to approach with higher water and tighter pockets. The pockets we are targeting are right on the bank. If you see any calm pocket of water, fish it. We have been dropping our flies in some very unusual holes and getting strikes. With the higher water, it seems like the fish are taking any pocket of water they can get.

Fish don’t need long runs or giant pockets to rest/feed. We are seeing strikes from fish in holes the size of a shoe box! sometimes even smaller than that. Keep a look out for those not so obvious holes. Don’t pass up that hole with trees and brush surrounding it! Get that fly in that pocket quickly to avoid getting snags and follow through with your cast.

The Streamers that are getting fish this week are the Zoo cougar and Wooly Sculpin (Single Hook). Olive, yellow and white have been getting fish. The White Zoo Cougar was getting great action on Tuesday morning, May 9th. Olive and yellow have been working extremely well this week in the evening. Try a Sculpin pattern if you are streamer fishing and get ready for that strike!

Dry fly action is still on. The water is swift and muddy but fish can see just fine and will jump for them. There are a lot of flies in the air and Caddis are making their presence known. Fish are rising and coming out of the water for them. We are noticing the jumpers in bigger pockets that are very calm. If you spot a large calm pocket, try throwing a dry fly and get that trout to jump!

Nymphing is always a great choice. I am going to sound like a broken record. The San Juan worm and Hares Ear are a great combo, deadly! Those two together will get fish. Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns are another great choice. A hopper dropper is another fun option. I would try a big hopper and dropping a Hares Ear,  16 inches below that.

With the higher water, getting that depth right for nymphing might be tricky but stick with it!  Look for a nice pocket/run where fish can position themselves to feed on the aquatic insects floating down river.

The river is running high and muddy but don’t let this discourage you. The fishing hasn’t slowed down. If you are streamer fishing, really target those fish. Keep an eye out for those not so obvious holes. Fish are still rising for terrestrials. Observe those bigger calm pockets and wait for that jumper! Try a Caddis, Blue Winged Olive, or a Hopper. Nymphing is always a great option. Try our go to combination: San Juan Worm and a Hares Ear. Be safe while wading, and make careful steps. The river is extremely swift.

Have a great weekend!





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