Fishing Report: Blacksmith Fork River May 7, 2017

The water wasn’t covering the road, so that was a good sign! The water is dropping and starting to settle back to its normal self. Still high, muddy, swift but pockets are starting to pop out and make worth wading.

We were throwing a lot of streamers in those cozy obvious holes but nymphing was the winner. We had luck with the trusty San Juan worm, and Pheasant Tail. Hares Ear, Copper johns, Caddis Larvae, Stone flies are all great choices. I noticed a lot of Caddis Larvae under rocks, worth a shot trying those. The water is muddy but don’t think they can’t see that tiny fly, they can see just fine. Searching for that sweet spot in depth to get those nymphs where they need to be will be the challenge.

There is a lot of debris in the river and getting snagged up will happen. Just don’t mistake a snag for a strike! After getting hung up on debris in the river, its easy to start mistaking snags for strikes. When you see your line or indicator drop for whatever reason, set that hook! It happens too many times where I think I hooked a branch but ends up being a fish. It could be the fish of a lifetime, set that hook!

Streamers were getting fish to dart out of their comfortable holes. Articulated Sculpin patterns were getting fish all jazzed up. Olive and Black were working very well. Sex Dungeons, and Zoo Cougars are great flies to throw at them. Not much luck on yellow last weekend, but yellow and runoff is my go to.

Blacksmith fly hatches were incredible. We saw Mayflies, Caddis and Golden Stones! They were all over the place and fish were rising. Like the Logan, look for those big, calm pockets of water. Toss that dry on top of that pocket and wait for those jumpers! Caddis, Blue Winged Olives, Hoppers/Golden Stone fly patters are great choices.

Blacksmith is starting to look like its normal self from what it was just a month ago. The water is still swift and muddy but fishing well. Nymphing was getting fish last weekend and is a great choice. Try the San Juan worm and Hares ear combo. Pheasant tails, Copper Johns, Caddis Larvae, Stone flies are all great choices. Streamers will get those eager trout to come out of their cozy hole. Try Sculpin patterns (Single hook or Articulated) in black, olive and yellow. If you are dry fly fishing, keep an eye on those big calm pockets of water. Wait for that jumping trout and toss a Blue Winged Olive, Caddis, Hopper/Stone fly pattern at it.

Have a great weekend and have fun!


Still keeping an eye out for Stone flies that will hint at a Salmon Fly hatch…keep those fingers crossed!

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