Fishing Report: Logan River May 6-7, 2017

The river is running swift from run off but still fishing very well. We saw a lot of action with streamers and nymphs. Still plenty of flies hatching and hovering over the river. We did spot a few fish rising.  Keep an eye out for those jumpers!

Streamers are getting fish and are a great option during runoff. With the higher water and tighter pockets, streamers can be a great way to lure a trout out of its cozy hole. We have noticed the most action is from the tighter pockets, right up against the bank or beneath cover (bushes and trees). Olive, yellow and black are great colors to use for streamers. Yellow by far has been getting a lot of action. The single hook patterns this weekend were working very well. Try a Sculpin pattern (Zoo Cougar, Wooly Sculpin) and hang on!

Nymphs are another great option during runoff. The trusty San Juan worm and Hares ear are working great! Pheasant tails are also getting fish. Copper Johns are another great option. We did spot some Golden Stone fly nymphs under rocks as well as Caddis Larvae. No luck with either of those this weekend but still worth a shot.

Dry fly fishing was slow for us this weekend. There were a few risers, but not a whole lot of action. Keep an eye out for them. May flies are making their presence known as well as Caddis. Try a Blue Wing Olive, Caddis and Emerger patterns if you see fish coming to the surface.

Runoff has made the river swift and muddy. Don’t let this discourage you because it is still fishing great! If streamer fishing, really target those fish. Target those tight pockets up against the bank or under brush. Olive and black streamers are working well but yellow has been the go to. Nymph fishing is still consistent. Try the San Juan worm followed up with a Hares Ear. Pheasant tails and Copper johns are also a great choice. Dry fly fishing was slow but there are fish rising.

Have a great week everybody!


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