Fishing Report : Logan River May 5, 2017

Warmer temperatures, Mothers day is around the corner, can only mean one thing. Hatches! And to remember to tell your Mom, how great she is. We are seeing a lot more bugs in the air, especially Caddis. Look for those moth like bugs in the air and hovering over the water. If you see fish coming out of the water, throw a Caddis at it! Caddis are very active flies on the water,  which makes them fun to fish. When casting a Caddis, dead drifting is a great approach but giving it some movement can trigger a fish to rise. I will sometimes drag it across the surface of the water or pick it up and drop it back on the surface. Mayflies, emerger patterns are also great flies to fool a hungry trout. The Chubby Chernobyl bite has slowed down the last couple of days.

Streamer fishing has been very consistent. Sculpin and baitfish (Zoo Cougars and Barely Legals) patterns are getting fish. Articulated and single hook streamers are working great. This week, we have noticed the fish are attacking brown streamer patterns. Of course, rotate through colors until you find players.

Nymphing has also been consistent. The San Juan worm, simple but deadly! Hares ear, pheasant tails, stone flies are all great options. With Caddis flying around, a Caddis larva nymph is another great option.

Today we noticed the water is muddy. With the warm weather today, run off kicked into gear. Don’t let this prevent you from fishing. Fish it the same as you would if the water was clear. If you are streamer fishing, my go to color to use during runoff is yellow. Yellow streamers during runoff have been getting fish. Tonight, the yellow Wooly Sculpin and brown/orange zoo cougar (Chucky) were triggering fish. The water is swift, be careful while wading and make careful steps.

Logan is staying consistent and hatches are heating up. Observe those flies in the air and keep an eye out for the fish jumping for Caddis! The Chubby Chernobyl bite has slowed down but don’t be afraid to throw a big hopper at them. Streamer and nymph fishing have been very consistent. With the muddy water, try a yellow or brown streamer if you are not getting reactions from fish.

The Salmon Fly hatch is coming soon…stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend and catch fish!



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