The Logan is heating up and if you are itching to throw dry flies/big hoppers, its time. We saw a lot of serious players, rising for Chubby Chernobyls. Some of the fish would take it after only a few cast. Others would take it after a dozen or more cast! Be patient and make sure to cover the entire pocket. Keep a close eye on that dry fly. The sippers are quick and tricky! Some trout wont rise out of the water for a fly. They will sip it from below the surface. If you see that fly disappear, set that hook!

One thing I do besides getting caught in trees constantly, is tease the fish. Don’t go right back at the fish with the fly, give it a minute and make the fish want it. This is something that works for us when we miss a strike. Give it a try next time you get on the water.

The streamer bite is only getting better. The fish are really tuning in on yellow, brown and olive. Bait fish patterns are working but the Sculpin patterns are getting fish. The olive Zoo Cougar is getting numbers and has been the go to fly the past couple days. The retrieve is still at a moderate pace.

The Logan is still swift but wadable. We noticed today (4/29/2017) the water is lower and clearer. Fish are starting to look for those top water flies and are not being shy about eating Chubby Chernobyls. Don’t hesitate to throw out a big hopper. If you see Mayflies around the surface of the water, try a Blue Wing Olive. Emerger patterns are also a great option. The streamer bite is not slowing down. The olive Zoo Cougar has been the go to fly. Yellow and brown have been good colors as well for both Sculpin and bait fish patterns. If you are fishing dries, remember to be patient. It might take over a dozen cast, to find that hungry trout.

Have a great weekend and catch fish!


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