Fishing Report: Logan River April 27, 2017


While we wait for the Blacksmith to calm down, the Logan has been fishing very well. The streamer bite has been consistent. Both Sculpin and bait fish patterns have been getting fish. Zoo Cougars, Barely Legals, Butt Monkeys, and Dungeons are all great choices. We have been using a variety of colors and sizes. single hook, articulated (double and triple hook). Yellow, brown/natural, olive, and black have been great colors to throw at them. Overcast days, yellow seems to be a great option. Black has been working very well on clear, sunny days. The retrieve is not aggressive, we have been going at a moderate pace. A dead drift is a great retrieve for those soft pockets across the river. With the higher water from runoff, targeting fish is very important. look for those soft pockets where fish can ambush prey or relax while the river brings the food to them. Pockets can be long runs or the size of a shoe box. Throw those streamers and hang on!

Nymphing has been excellent as well. Our go to is the trusty/deadly San Juan worm followed up with a Hares Ear. We drop our Hares Ear 16-18 inches below our point fly (San Juan Worm). One split shot weight in between the two has been the sweet spot. Pheasant tail and copper johns have been working well. We also have seen Skwala stone flies hanging out under rocks. If you are not getting hits, remember depth is very important. Keep experimenting with weights or indicator height to get those flies in the depth the fish will take them.

Now for dry flies, its almost that time of year! We had luck last weekend ( April 22, 2017) with Blue Wing Olives and Royal Chubbies. At the start of the day, I did throw a Chubby Chernobyl to mimic the Skwala stone flies we have seen. I had two Browns come look at it but no takers. Probably fisherman error….next time I will fool them! The Blue Wing Olive and Royal Chubby were getting fish to rise. Keep an eye out for May flies and fish rising. I did see a Cutthroat come completely out of the water for a fly. Most of the fish we did see taking dries, were sipping them. I had a Blue Wing Olive as my top/point fly followed by the Royal Chubby about 16 inches down. I would try those, emerger patters, and big hoppers! The hopper dropper is also a great option. Use a hopper followed by a nymph (Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, etc.) and cover it all!

The Logan River is running high/swift but still wadable.  The fishing has been very good, just target those fish. Look for those May Flies and Skwalas flying around. If you dont see those, throw some nymphs at them. Or just throw some big ugly streamers at them!

Have fun and catch fish


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