Fishing Report

November 6 – 11, 2017

Poor innocent Midges and Sculpin have been the victims this week. Fish have been targeting those little bugs on top of the surface, as well as devouring big meals like Sculpin. Go fool these eager fish, they are hungry!

Dry Fly- Fishing

We are seeing fish nosing the surface, sipping Midges off the top. We did see a few Psuedo’s (Blue Winged Olives) as well. Look for these fish rising in calm pools. If you don’t see fish rising, don’t hesitate to throw those bugs and entice a rise.

Try small dries from sizes 20-18. It can be difficult to see these small flies but watch for the fish to show itself, when grabbing it off the surface. Cutthroats have been extremely slow on the eat, so take your time! Wait until the fish takes that fly completely.

Try the Goober Midge, Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Adams and small Blue Winged Olive patterns. Keep it small!

Streamer Fishing

Streamers have been a lot of fun! We are seeing both Cutts and Brown’s behaving very aggressively. Olive and Black Sculpin patterns have still been the go to flies. Natural flies are getting strikes as well.

Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitty, Peanut Envy and Barely Legals are great Articulated patterns to use.

Zoo Cougar, Wooly Sculpin, Kill Whitey, Butt Monkey, Egg Sucking Leeches and Sculpins are great single hook patterns to throw at them as well.

Nymph Fishing

With all the activity on the surface, you bet there is a feast going on below the surface. Green Machine, Zebra Midge, Ice Cream Cone are good nymphs to use right now. Try these flies in sizes 20-16.

Since these nymphs are small, try dropping either of the listed nymphs above, below your Parachute Adams or dry fly Midge. Drop them 16-12 inches below that dry fly.

Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, and Copper John’s are other great options. Dropping these nymphs below a San Juan Worm, Pats Rubber Leg or Egg Pattern is an effective nymph fishing rig.


Fishing has been a lot of fun this week. Fish are rising, striking big meals and feasting on the nymphs below. Whatever method you enjoy, get out there and fool some eager trout! Have a great weekend!



Fishing Report

October 30 – November 6, 2017
Gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins. And these Brown’s and Cutts are on the highway to Hell, the way they are acting! Brown’s are starting to show themselves more and are becoming more aggressive. This leads me to believe we are heading into post spawn. Nymphing and Streamers have been productive. Midges are still coming off strong.

Dry Fly-Fishing

Before the cold front moved in, fish were rising for Blue Winged Olives and Midges. This past weekend, I didn’t notice any risers but Midges were coming off strong. Keep those dry fly Midges nearby!

My favorite Midge flies are the Griffiths Gnat and Goober Midge. Try those two patterns or similar Midge patterns in sizes 18-16. Parachute Adams is another great pattern that immitaes a lot of flies like Midges. Try the Adams in the same sizes 18-16. But if you are wanting to get some hungry fish, throw Streamers!


Brown’s are starting to turn that aggression up! Attacking anything that doesn’t belong in their turf. I am under the impression we are heading into post spawn, which means these Brown’s are hungry and looking for a meal!

There were a lot of great responses to an assortment of flies. The most consistent were smaller Sculpin patterns in Olive, Natural and Black. There were fish striking the big double and triple articulated bugs too. But if you are looking for numbers, stick to the smaller flies. Zoo Cougars, and Wooly Sculpins are great flies to throw right now.

If you are wanting to throw the big bugs, try a: Sex Dungeon, Boogie Man, Silk Kitty, Peanut Envy and Barely Legals. Try those flies in Olive, Black and Natural.

Because of the spawn, eggs laying in the Redds, egg sucking leeches and Sculpin are another great option as well. With that being said, be careful wading where there are Redds. Those Brown’s worked their butts off!

Nymph Fishing

With Midges rising to the surface and hatching, Midges are perfect flies to entice a strike. Try Zebra Midges and Disco Midges in sizes 20-16. Ice Cream Cone is another great fly to use.

Since Midges are rising and hatching, Shop Vacs and Green Machines are good options to mimic those flies rising to the surface. Try a Shop Vac or Green Machine as your top (point) fly and drop one of the Midges mentioned above (Zebra, Disco) below it.

Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, and Copper John’s are always great flies to use. Try those in sizes 18-16. I am still seeing plenty of Golden Stones hunkering down under rocks on the banks. Stone Fly nymphs like a Pats Rubber Leg are great options as a top fly.

Other top flies like a San Juan Worm or Egg patterns are another great option as your attractor pattern. Try one of those flies and drop a Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, or Copper John below it.


Fishing is starting to pick up and these fish are starting to transition into their winter feeding habits. We are heading into post spawn and Brown’s are starting to behave like Brown’s do…aggressive! Don’t hesitate to throw big streamers but if you want numbers, fish the single hook flies. I didn’t see any risers during the Cold front moving in but keep them handy!

Have a great week and don’t forget to bring your poncho! I forgot mine this last weekend and got soaked. Got cold very, very fast!

Fishing Report

Logan River: October 20-27, 2017

I’m a real pessimist when it comes to Autumn here in Logan. It always seems to last for a week or two and then Old Man Winter settles in. Luckily, Autumn has stuck around this week and kept those temperatures bearable. The fish are still rising for as many dries as they can stuff down the hatch! Nymphing has been very productive, and streamers are getting fish riled up.

Dry Fly-Fishing

Blue Winged Olives and Midges have been the main targets this week on the surface. Keep your eyes peeled for fish nosing (just barely sipping the surface) or completely Free Willy. Try those two patterns as a combo. A bigger size BWO as your point fly and drop a Midge behind it. The Goober Midge and Griffiths Gnat are great patterns to use to mimic those Midges.

Try BWO patterns from sizes 18-16 and Midge patterns from sizes 20-16. The smaller patterns have been working well but fish are still looking at those bigger flies. With October Caddis getting their attention, Chubby Chernobyls, hopper patterns are great flies to throw at them.

Try darker body Chubbies and hoppers. Black, dark brown and rusty brown/orange are good colors to try on those patterns. When fish are rising, there are just as many or more eating below the surface too.

For a hopper dropper set up, try dropping a Copper John, Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, Disco Midge, Green Machine below that big bug on top and cover both top and sub surface eaters.


It got a little slow earlier in the week with Brown’s focusing on the spawn. The aggression is kicking back up and the Cutthroats haven’t skipped a beat! Olive and black have still been the go to colors.

Smaller Sculpin patterns have been getting fish. Don’t be afraid to go big because the fish are still striking big bugs. Try a Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitty, Boogie Man, Butt Monkey, Zoo Cougar in Olive and Black. Target those banks and middle river seams. I had a few fish strike the fly right at my leg, be patient when swinging those flies. A lot of the fish are striking them right at the end of the run or right before you bring it out of the water.

Nymph Fishing

With all these May Flies and Midges rising to the surface, there is a lot of sub surface activity. May Fly nymphs are a must on your rig! The smaller nymphs have been working well, sizes 20-18. Try: Copper John’s, Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Green Machines, Disco Midges as your dropper below an attractor fly.

There are Golden Stone Fly nymphs crawling around close to the bank.  A Stone Fly nymph pattern, like a Pats Rubber Leg, would be a great top fly (attractor pattern) to use. The trusty San Juan is another great fly to use as your top fly. Drop those smaller nymphs below your top fly 16-20 inches. Find that right depth where those fish are feeding, and have fun!


The Brown’s seem to be feeding more aggressively now. Earlier this week, it seemed like they were focusing more on the spawn. Still plenty of fish rising. Make sure to have BWOS and Midges with you. If streamer fishing, try those Sculpin patterns in Olive and Black. Smaller nymphs have been producing fish. With the abundance of BWOs and Midges, make sure to have those May Fly and Midge nymphs on your rig.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful Fall season we are having. Thank goodness it is sticking around!


Fishing Report

Logan River October 16-20, 2017

Love is in the air with the Brown Spawn underway. The aggression in both Brown’s and Cutts has really turned on! The fish know winter is right around the corner and are putting on that weight to prepare.

Dry Fly-Fishing

We are still seeing plenty of Blue Winged Olives and Midges on the river. Look for fish barely breaking the surface of the water, sipping these flies in calm pools.

Use a size 16-14 Blue Winged Olive pattern and size 18-16 Midge patterns. Griffiths Gnat and Goober Midges are great patterns to throw at them right now.

Chubby Chernobyls and other Hopper patterns are great options. The darker Chubbies and Hopper patterns are working well. Try a purple or Black Chubby.

With the fish starting to focus more on sub surface food, try dropping nymphs below those bigger hopper patterns. Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Copper John’s are great patterns to drop below that Chubby or Hopper. Dropping those flies 8-12 inches below your fly is a good range to cover that water column.

Streamer Fishing

Streamers have been getting fish and the bigger fish have been showing themselves frequently. Olive and Black are still the two colors getting strikes. Don’t hesitate to throw big articulated patterns. Fish are striking everything from single hook to big triples!

Sculpin patterns have been the winner this week. It must be rough being a Sculpin right now. Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitty, Boogie Man, Zoo Cougar are excellent patterns to strip on the river. Try those in Olive and Black and get ready….because these fish mean business!

Fish have been hanging tight to structure and enjoying those calm runs off the bank. Target those areas and use a moderate jerk strip retrieve. We haven’t been stripping fast, more on the slow side. Don’t forget those middle river seams! Try retrieving across those seams and up stream. We have had better luck getting fish to chase those big bugs that way.

Nymph Fishing

With winter right around the corner, fish are going to really focus on those aquatic insects. And With the spawn underway, egg patterns are great flies to entice a strike. Try: Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Copper John’s, Disco Midges and Egg patterns. Use one of these flies dropped below a San Juan Worm or a Pats Rubber Leg.


The Logan is fishing very well and Brown’s are spawning. Get those last dry fly takers with BWOs and Midges, before top water fishing slows down. Streamers have been the go to method this week and have been producing fish. Don’t hesitate to go big because these fish are putting on weight for the long winter ahead! Have a great weekend and go catch some river pork!

With the Spawn underway, look out for spawning beds. Just be aware of those gray/light tan pebbles clustered together. They are scattered throughout the river.

Fishing Report

Logan River

The fishing has really heat up, unlike our outside temperature. I guess I can’t complain, snow hasn’t been an issue…yet! Fish are rising, and have become very aggressive the last few days, towards big bugs!

Dry Fly-Fishing

Fish are really keying in on Blue Winged Olives and Midges. The trusty Midge has been getting fish once again! We have seen a lot of Midge hatches. Keep your eye on these tiny insects, clustered together, hovering over the surface. Try the BWO in sizes from 16-14 and a Midge pattern (Griffiths Gnat, Goober Midge) in sizes 18-16.

Hoppers have also been producing! Try those hopper patterns with a BWO or Midge behind it. We have seen fish rejecting the Chubby Chernobyl but it is still worth a shot! That is a great fly and will no doubt get a fish’s attention.

Streamer Fishing

Big bugs are getting these fish all riled up! We have really seen the aggression in the fish turn up. Single, double, triple hook patterns, the fish are not taking crap from no one and are attacking all sizes of streamers. With the Brown Spawn starting up, stick to those Sculpin patterns. Trout don’t like those Sculpin getting near their spawning grounds and will let them know by taking a chomp at them!

Try a Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitty, Boogie Man, Zoo cougar, in Olive or Black. Single, Double, Tripple will all get fish. Those colors have been the go to! Chuck those big bugs and hang on!

Nymph Fishing

With Midges being a target on the surface, try a Nymph midge and get those trout targeting them beneath the surface. The Disco Midge is a great pattern to throw at them, try it in a size 18-16. Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, and Hares Ears are all great options right now. Use either a San Juan, or Pats Rubber Leg as your top fly pattern. Drop either of those smaller nymphs listed above below it


Fish are getting aggressive! Striking big streamers and rising for as many terrestials they can get their mouths on. There are plenty of ways to fool those hungry aggressive trout. Pick your method and hook’em! Have a great weekend and enjoy these mild temperatures before they are gone!


Fishing Report

Blacksmith Fork River

Friday, woohoo! And it’s starting to feel like Fall here in Logan…and not Winter. Hopefully the weather stays consistent because I am not ready for Winter! We got out to the Blacksmith this week and got into some good fishing. Brown’s are getting ready to spawn and are very aggressive.

Dry Fly-fishing

Hoppers, BWOs, PMDs, Spinners are all great choices. As well, Caddis are great flies to throw out there. Try those May Fly patterns and Caddis patterns in sizes 14-18. Hoppers, try those bigger sizes from 6-10. A Chubby Chernobyl would be a great fly to use as your hopper imitation. 

With those bigger hopper patterns, definitely use a dropper below it. Stone Flies, Hares Ears, Pheasant tails, Copper John’s are all great options.

Nymph Fishing

We have seen a lot of Stone Flies congregating close to the banks. Big Stones! Bring your Stone Fly imitations like a Pats Rubber Leg. Try a big Stone Fly up top and dropping a smaller Stone below it. We have seen them from sizes 6-12. 

If you decide to use a Stone or San Juan as your top fly, try the trusty Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper John below it. Those are great flies to use, to cover a lot of the aquatic insects that are crawling or clinging to the riverbed. Shop Vacs are working well too.


Just like the Logan, Olive and Black have been the go to colors. We have been fishing smaller single hook Sculpin patterns in those two colors. But if you are wanting to throw some meat out there, don’t hesitate to go Big! Double and triple articulated Sculpin patterns will get fish. If you are looking for numbers definitely stick to the smaller streamer patterns. But if you are looking for meat eaters, go Big!

The Blacksmith is fishing well. There are lots of big Stones hanging close to the bank. Make sure to bring your Stone Fly patterns! The Streamer bite has been very consistent and is just like the Logan. Rotate through those Sculpin patterns in Olive and Black. Have a great weekend and let’s hope we don’t see snow for a few more weeks!


Fishing Report: Logan River

September 22-30, 2017

The Aggies beat the Cougars, that’s pretty cool. What’s not cool are these shorter days! I get off work still thinking I have plenty of daylight, but 7:00pm sunsets….COME ON! That’s kind of a bummer but at least the fish are still feasting on everything! Dry flies, Streamers and nymphs! Pick your style and go get’em!

Dry Flies

The Midges are coming off strong. They are light in color. A Goober Midge or Griffiths gnat are great patterns for those tiny flies. Size 16-18 Should be perfect to fool those trout.

May Flies, we are seeing a bunch! BWOS, PMDS, and Spinners. The Spinner fall is strong in the evening. Make sure to have those three flies with you. BWOs, try them in a size 14-16. Spinners and PMDs, size 12-14 has been getting risers.

Caddis are plentiful and October Caddis have been spotty this week. Tan and Chocolate Caddis have been flying around. Sizes 14-16 are what we are seeing and have been getting fish on. October Caddis have been spotty but the fish are paying attention to big flies!

Fish are rising for Chubbies! Which leads us to believe they are feeding on these bigger Caddis throughout the night or still chomping away at Hoppers. Purple and Golden Stone Chubbies in size 6-8 have been working. October Caddis patterns in sizes 8-10 are also working well.


Streamers are picking up and have been very consistent this past week. Olive and Black, those have been the go to colors. Fish have been targeting the smaller Sculpin patterns. Zoo Cougar, Wooly Sculpin or a small Cone Head pattern will get those fish to strike.

With the water as low as it is, you will see most of the fish strike your streamer. Don’t farm’em, like me! It’s so hard sometimes to let the fish strike the fly first, before setting that hook. Wait for that fish to crush that fly!

Nymph Fishing

Here comes the broken record again. San Juan Worm and a Hares Ear/Pheasant tail as your dropper. This is our go to nymph rig, and has always been the fish getter. Copper Johns, Caddis Larva, October Caddis Pupa, these are all great options. We have seen Midges, red in color in the river. Try a red Zebra Midge on your rig. Other Midge patterns will work fine too.

Back to the water being low. These nymphs would work excellent under a Chubby or October Caddis. Try dropping those nymphs 8-10 inches below your big meaty top fly.


Daylight is fading away but the fishing isn’t! Get out there and pick whatever style of fishing you enjoy. The fish have plenty of options for food. Keep your eyes peeled for those monster October Caddis. We did see Drakes last week, keep a look out for those as well. We have seen these flies above Ricks Spring. Have a great weekend!

FYI Still watch out for those cows. I passed one yesterday and didn’t even realize it was there, until I was already past it. It was right on the shoulder of the road. Drive slow and keep a look out for them.

Fishing Report: Logan River

September 19-22 2017

The first day of fall is here, bye bye summer. Time to bust out the waders and wool! With the cooler temperatures up the canyon, don’t let that discourage you from fishing dries. Fish are still rising and rising for those big October Caddis too. The streamer bite has been very consistent. There are a lot of aquatic insect activity as well. The fish are feasting on all the available resources.

Dry Fly-Fishing

We are seeing fish looking up and sipping off the top. Small May Flies are flying around and there was a great Rusty Spinner presence a couple days ago. To imitate these tiny mayflies a Goober Midge is a great choice. You are also killing two birds with one stone because there is also Midges.

The May Flies I have seen are from sizes 18-20 so a tiny midge pattern should do the trick. But if you are looking to throw the big bugs, well you are in luck! The Ocotber Caddis is working well. We haven’t seen a whole lot flying around but fish are paying attention. Try using a Caddis in a size 10, with a rusty brown Abdomen.

Other May Fly and Caddis patterns will work just fine too. Try a tan or chocolate Caddis in sizes 14-16, PMDs and BWOs in 12-16.

Update: A good number of Drakes were spotted! One Green Drake in the mix but majority all Gray in color. Try a size 10 Green or Gray Drake if you see fish rising for them.


Streamers have been a lot of fun to fish. The fish have been very aggressive towards Sculpin patterns. We haven’t thrown any articulated patterns yet and have been sticking to the smaller stuff. Olive and Black have been the colors this week that have been getting fish to strike. Try those colors in smaller Sculpin patterns like a Zoo Cougar.


There is a lot of aquatic insect activity under rocks. You can’t miss the huge October Caddis Schucks all over the river bed! Golden Stone fly nymphs are also crawling around. The fish have plenty of options right now. We love starting with the San Juan Worm and dropping either a Hares Ear or Pheasant Tail below.

If those are not producing try using a Caddis Larva pattern or Stone Fly patterns like a Rubber Leg. Copper Johns, and Midge nymph patterns are excellent choices too.

With the water as low as it is, Nymphing might get frustrating with snags. Try any of the smaller nymphs listed above below a big hopper pattern or big Caddis.


The fishing is picking up and the fish are targeting a lot of resources right now. Don’t let the colder temperatures and bad weather discourage you from fishing dries. Fish are looking up and are paying attention to October Caddis too. We are seeing Drakes and October Caddis above Ricks Spring. Get up the Canyon and enjoy the mild temperatures before winter is here! 

FYI I spoke with a gentleman working the Cattle up Logan Canyon. He said the Cattle are working their way down close to the highway. Be very careful traveling and especially at night. They are congregating very close to the road and on the road at times.

Fishing Report: Logan River

September 18, 2017

It feels good to be back in Logan and back on the water. The cows blocking traffic and leaving pies everywhere can stop but they don’t listen. The river is fishing well and bugs are still plentiful. A good friend alerted me to some big bugs starting to hatch about a month ago. Our friend was spot on and October Caddis are starting to tease the eager trout below. Get your big bugs ready including those Streamers!

Dry Fly-Fishing

We are seeing Caddis and May Flies hovering over the river. May Fly Spinners (Rusty Spinners) are a great choice in the evening. Try a Rusty Spinner in sizes 16-12. PMDs and BWOs are great options for morning and day fishing. Try those patterns in sizes 16-12.

Caddis, try a tan or chocolate pattern in sizes 16-14. Now for the October Caddis, these things are huge! I saw one crawling on the ground and thought it was a Stone Fly! We have seen them above Ricks Spring. Keep a look out for these big Caddis. If you start to see fish rising aggressively, throw out a big stimulator or October Caddis in sizes 12-8.

Streamer Fishing

With fall upon us, Streamer fishing is going to really pick up. The Brown spawn is coming up and Brown’s can’t resist eliminating Sculpins out of their territory. Try smaller Sculpin patterns in Olive, Black and Brown in color. The Zoo Cougar is a great pattern to use. Butt Monkey is another excellent pattern. Articulated patterns: Boogie Man, Silk Kitty, and Sex Dungeons are great patterns as well.

Nymph Fly-Fishing

Nymphing is always a great idea. We love the trusty San Juan Worm and Hares Ear/ Pheasant Tail (size 16) combo. Give that combo a try or use the Hopper Dropper. Drop either a Hares Ear or Pheasant Tail 8 inches below your hopper. With the water as low as it is, that is a great approach to fish the Logan River right now.

I am happy to be back and happy to see the fishing hasn’t skipped a beat. With fall upon us, the fishing should only get better. Keep your eyes out for those big October Caddis! If you find fish rising for them, you are in for a treat. Streamer fishing is only going to get better as we get closer to the Brown spawn. Keep those Sculpin patterns handy. Enjoy the river and watch out for those cow pies!


P.S If you need custom flies, feel free to Contact us on our contact page. Nymphs, streamers, dries, you want it, we will tie it!

Fishing Report: Logan River August 15-20, 2017

Round two of Drakes has just begun. Gray Drakes! We noticed a few Drakes cruising down river over the weekend. We weren’t able to identify them until one decided to take a break, landing on our fly rod. And our assumption was correct, Gray Drakes are making their appearance. It reminded me of the Green Drake hatch. We saw a few a couple nights before the full on hatch. Get ready, full on hatch should be close.

The fishing has been very productive and the fish have plenty of options for food right now. Dries, Streamers, and nymphs are all getting fish. If you are fishing dries, Caddis and May Fly patterns have been very productive.

Dry Fly-Fishing

White/tan and Chocolate Caddis have been the go to fly with a PMD dropped off of it. We saw good action with a size 16 white/tan Caddis, with a size 12 PMD dropped 16 inches off of it. Chocolate Caddis size 12 were also great top flies to use with a PMD dropped off of it.

Blue Winged Olives and May Fly Cripple patterns, are great options too. Hoppers worked well over the weekend as well. We are still seeing a lot of Midges clustered together on the surface, so don’t forget those midge patterns!

Streamer Fishing

Streamers are still very consistent. Olive has been the color to use. That color in a Sculpin pattern has been getting a lot of fish to bite. We have also had fish go after grey/brown streamers. Yellow/brown is another great color to try on your patterns. Kill Whitey, Zoo Cougar, Barely Legal and Fat Head Sculpin patterns are all great options right now.

Nymph Fishing

Nymphing is another great approach. We have had luck with the Shop Vac, Golden Stone, Hares Ear and Pheasant Tail patterns. Try those dropped off a hopper or big Caddis. A full nymph rig is a great idea too just don’t forget that San Juan Worm up top!

The river is fishing well. The fish have a lot of options for food. They are about to have another option added to the Logan River dinner menu, Gray Drakes! Get ready for a full on hatch in the next couple days. We have seen a few the last couple days which leads me to believe the hatch is right around the corner. If you see a big moth flying down river, you have just spotted a Drake! Keep those big May Fly patterns handy (size 10) because once it’s on, you won’t be leaving that hole for a couple hours. Get ready for the long haul. Have a great week and go hit the river!

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